A Houthi committee to loot lands..disclosure of hundreds of the arrest citizens in Sanaa

English - Wednesday 05 January 2022 الساعة 11:21 am
Sana'a, NewsYemen, private:

Parliamentary reports revealed that the Houthi militia has arbitrarily arrested hundreds of citizens in Sana’a with the aim of putting pressure on them, robbing their homes and looting their lands, in burglaries and grave violations of all Yemeni laws and regulations and the constitutional rights of citizens of the Republic of Yemen.

Local sources in Sana'a reported that the families of thousands of houses from Sana'a residents and members of a number of housing associations in the Sawan areas east of Sana'a were kidnapped and arbitrarily arrested.

pointed out that a newly established military committee led by an officer named Jahaf simplified the homes and lands of these people, blatantly violating their rights, unjustly.

In a parliamentary session of Sana’a representatives, on Monday, January 3, 2022 , the Prime Minister in Sana’a pledged to release citizens detained in the detention centers of influential Houthi militia, specialized in looting lands, and releasing the lands of residential associations according to the documents in their hands and in accordance with the law, indicating that the Ministry of Defense began  To hand over the land of the housing association to the employees of the Office of the Presidency of the Republic.

The parliamentary report obligated the Ministry of Defense in Sana’a to stop the administrative expropriation procedure, which is in violation of the law of expropriation for the public benefit, to protect military sites affiliated with the Ministry of Defense, and to prevent violating or attacking them from any party and in a manner that ensures the protection of both public and private interests, in accordance with the constitution and the laws in force.  .

The report revealed that judicial rulings were issued in favor of citizens against the Houthi militia committee, but the latter did not commit to implementing the judiciary’s rulings, stressing that with regard to “complaints before the judiciary or in respect of which final judicial rulings were issued,” the Ministry of Defense must implement these rulings and comply with the decisions of the judiciary in order to achieve the sovereignty of  The law to which everyone must be subject.

As for the housing associations affiliated with the Ministries of Defense and Interior that have been disbursed from state lands and real estate and have not corrected their legal status, the parliamentary report stressed that their status should be addressed in coordination with the relevant government agencies, and the lands of these associations are only disposed of after completing all legal documents.