The north in the face of the Houthis will not be liberated by the voices of discord or the tools of betrayal

English - الخميس 06 يناير 2022 الساعة 10:17 ص
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With two standards, the Brotherhood's forces and their media tools deal with any victory or movement by the Giants Forces and the Joint Forces.. Any victory is considered a charade, and any progress is a scenario for an upcoming separation.

It remained silent when the districts of al-Bayda, Nihm, Marib and Shabwa fell, and considered the matter merely hit and run. It did not bother to come up with a statement that would restore the battle to its rightful place and explain the reasons for the loss of those vast areas that had previously been liberated in cooperation with the coalition forces.

The relationship between them and the Houthi militia escalated, and each time they made the North suffer defeats.  She goes towards Shakra in order to liberate the south, trying to rearrange the situation of the corrupt who move between Istanbul, Muscat, Marib and Doha.

At the behest of leaders operating from within the legitimacy, a statement broadcast by Al-Jazeera condemned the coalition and blamed it for the successive defeats that occurred in some areas, and considered the movements of the joint forces to come outside the scope of legitimacy.

These entities continued to disperse the national battle between Shaqra, Balhaf, Socotra and Al-Mahra, taking advantage of the weakness of the political leadership and the fragility of the humanitarian situation left by the Houthi militia at all levels.

 Battle Remastering

From the Shabwa gate, which became a subject for these forces to lament and review the fictitious achievements after the change of Governor Bin Udayo, people regained hopes of the battle to confront the Houthi through the forces of giants and the sons of Shabwa and appointed them all to other directorates that were lost in the blink of an eye.

For three years, the Brotherhood revealed its last cards. It tried to open a window across the Arabian Sea when it established a fake port in order to loot and smuggle oil after losing many privileges.

The local authority, led by Ibn Udayo and the Brotherhood’s media, tried to portray Shabwa as a flame of development despite administrative corruption, nepotism, oil smuggling, and an attempt to build a private financial empire for a group of corrupt people.

Today, through the joint forces and the forces of giants who correct the course of the battles after their deviation, and with them the tribes;  People's eyes are directed towards the fronts of Taiz, Al-Dhalea, Al-Bayda, Al-Hodeidah, Shabwa, Marib, all the way to Ibb governorate;  The most important gates that will liberate the northern regions away from betrayals and service projects with the Houthi militia.

All of this is subject to radical changes in the legitimate government that includes a number of corrupt and advisors from military and administrative leaders and others.