The UAE humanitarian arm "Khalifa" is preparing to rehabilitate the wall of the only sea port in Socotra

English - الخميس 06 يناير 2022 الساعة 12:20 م
Socotra, NewsYemen:

The Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation for Humanitarian Works, the humanitarian arm of the UAE on the island of Socotra, is preparing to implement a project to rehabilitate the wall of the network of Hulav port, which will benefit and promote the commercial activity of the island's only sea port.

The project also includes the port area from the berths to the main gate with a 3-meter-high, moisture-resistant mesh fence for the ports.  This came as part of the humanitarian and relief work package that the UAE is making to revive the port and improve its services.

The port of Hulav is the island's only sea port and through it receives its various life requirements.

The Director General of the port, Muhammad Salem Al-Salmahi, explained that the rehabilitation of the port wall is of great importance in securing and preserving the incoming goods and contributes to assisting the security services in controlling, as it prevents livestock from entering the port’s yard and berths and secures ships and ships with them.

Al-Salamhi valued the support of the brothers in the United Arab Emirates for their permanent support through the implementation of development projects, which had the effect of raising the level of commercial activity of the port, which represents the island's supply artery.