The failure of legitimacy guides the Houthis to the fourth generation 4G services

English - الخميس 06 يناير 2022 الساعة 04:19 م
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On Wednesday, Houthi leaders launched 4G services in Sana'a through the "Yemen Mobile" company, which it controls, after years of legal faltering in providing this service in the liberated areas.

The company launched the service with a ceremony attended by Houthi leaders, headed by Muhammad Ali Al-Houthi, who considered the launch of the service a "victory... in light of the continued aggression and siege", while the Prime Minister of the Houthi government, Abdulaziz bin Habtoor, considered it evidence of the level of development witnessed by the Ministry of Communications, which is controlled by a group  Houthi.

Ibn Habtoor recalled the Houthi group's dominance over the telecommunications file, noting that the ministry provides its services in all governorates of the republic, "including the areas under the Saudi-Emirati occupation", in reference to the liberated areas.

The Minister of Communications in the Houthi government, Misfir Al-Numeer, indicated that his ministry worked for three years with mobile phone companies to reach the fourth generation, calling on the rest of the companies to move to it, declaring that "Yemen Mobile will meet the fifth generation services that will launch its services during the next five years."  As far as he claims.

For its part, the company announced that the service would be provided in the Capital Municipality as a temporary phase, provided that the service would be expanded to include the rest of the republic’s governorates.

The Houthi group’s announcement of providing fourth generation services, comes after nearly 4 years of legitimacy faltering in launching this service in the liberated areas, despite the launch of the “Aden Net” company by President Hadi in June 2018, at a cost of $100 million to provide fourth generation services to the entire governorates of the Republic  And with the aim of ending the Houthi group's control over the communications file.

Since that date, the company’s services have been confined to limited areas of the temporary capital, Aden, with a number of subscribers of nearly 10,000, despite the project’s great technical capabilities and its ability to cover the governorates of the Republic. Neither the company nor the Ministry of Communications provided any reasons or explanations for the company’s failure.

About 3 months ago, there was talk of launching a new telecommunications company in Aden to provide fourth-generation services to the liberated governorates. Media sources said that it would bear the name "Y", which was seized by influential people in the legitimacy, led by Jalal Hadi's son.

Despite the facilities that the company obtained from the government and the announcement by the former Minister of Communications Lotfi Bashir more than two years ago that the company was about to launch, this did not happen, and there are reports of severe disputes within the partners that hindered the launch of the company.

Activists have previously organized intensive campaigns on social media calling for legitimacy to end the Houthi group's domination of the telecommunications sector, given the security and economic danger.