Campaign to remove Houthi slogans in Hays

English - الخميس 06 يناير 2022 الساعة 04:22 م
Hays, NewsYemen, special:

On Wednesday, the youth of Hays district launched a community campaign aimed at obliterating Houthi slogans in the villages of the district's countryside, which were recently liberated.

The campaign was launched from Al-Aden Junction, and even the villages of Owais, Al-Hare, Al-Qalamah, and the neighboring areas, and obliterated all the slogans on the walls of shops, homes and places of worship, which the Houthi militia filled with destructive slogans bearing sectarian ideas and beliefs.

It also obliterated the pro-Iranian slogans, and the pictures of the martyr Hussein al-Houthi, which filled the People's School with these sectarian slogans, and turned it into an exhibition of pictures of its dead.

In the places where Houthi slogans were obliterated, the youth replaced them with patriotic slogans commensurate with society, urging them to love the land and the homeland away from sectarian and sectarian slogans through which the militias want to obliterate the Yemeni identity.

The local council, sheikhs and notables welcomed this initiative, which was carried out by the youth in a sporting spirit, in an effort to erase and obliterate the Houthi traces left by the militias after their defeat, fearing that society would be affected by it.