From Hodeidah to Shabwa: The Giants..a track record of victories over Iran's arm

English - الأحد 09 يناير 2022 الساعة 10:26 ص
Shabwa, NewsYemen, private:

The forces of giants grabbed the spotlight, and recorded a rapid presence, its fingerprints on the ground in the Yemeni scene, after achieving victories after another in every battle it intervened with the Houthi militia of Iran, from Hodeidah to Taiz, all the way to Shabwa.

In Hodeidah, the Iranian militia was unable to enter any of the liberated areas during the years of the Stockholm Agreement, and it was also unable to restore the liberated areas in Taiz, including Mocha and Al-Barh.

Last week, the UAE-backed military forces participating in the Arab coalition forces in Yemen fought violent battles with the Houthi militia in the three Baihan districts, and were able to seize them and expel the Houthis from them, after artillery, tanks and legitimate forces were unable to restore them.

As soon as the giants reached Shabwa, the Houthi militia quickly mobilized, and activated its missile and drone strikes, in an indication of the state of anxiety that Iran's arm was afflicting with these forces.

Citizens rejoice in victory when the giants’ forces enter the battlefield, over the entry of the pro-legal army into battles, as people consider them to be just fake battles that do not end with any victory.

Journalist Sayyaf Al-Gharbani believes that the giants accomplished a miracle in Bayhan, in comparison with the time period, the density of minefields, and the size of the forces that the Houthis pushed there.

For his part, writer Adel Al-Ahmadi said that the liberation of Bayhan is a major event that has essential weight for everyone who knows the specificity of the region and its symbolism in the eyes of the dynastic priestly project, just as its fall was a catastrophic event months ago.

He pointed out that the Houthis in Bayhan were not defeated easily, but rather fought with all their equipment and equipment, but the determination of the giants, thanks to God, was stronger, and with their determination was stronger, until the Houthis became scattered from dust on the width of a mountain.

On the other hand, a member of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council, Salem Thabet Al-Awlaki, confirmed that "from the beginning, we were sure of victory on the Bayhan fronts in record time."

Al-Awlaki pointed out that "our certainty of victory was based on our confidence in God, then in the strength of truth and the cause and in the southern rifle that has defeated and is now defeating the Houthi militias in all the fields of the south, from Al-Dhalea to Aden to Al-Mandab and all the way to Bayhan."