Amin Al Yafei mourns Muhammad Naji Ahmed

English - الأحد 09 يناير 2022 الساعة 05:00 م
Aden, NewsYemen:

Professor Mohamed Naji Ahmed, how can we receive the news of your painful departure to the point of delirium.

You were a ferocious writer and critical thinker, burning and incinerating everyone around you trying to draw steady lines and the ruler of a fluid reality that moved with a fluidity lighter than sand.  This miraculous and strange reality beyond imagination did not in the end give you the honor of completing your critical burning to the end, and picked you up in an ambiguous manner while you were at the top of your giving.

We discussed a lot, in general and in private, and were closer to disagreement and divergence of views than to agreement.  I respect and admire your transparency and your absolute frankness.  We were hard on each other at times, we might not understand well the forceful circumstances that surround you, and here you are today and you are leaving leaving us a very heavy legacy of sadness, heartbreak, regret and guilt that we will carry with us until the last day of our lives.

In recent days, you have been condensing yourself in an amazing way, and in an attempt to adapt a time from which only a small thing remained in your wallet, and in the manner of a spike that produces a hundred grains.

I remember well the harsh words You wrote after a friend (the writers) suffered a health crisis, which incited him to seize this precious opportunity that appeared on the horizon to get rid of the torments of this reality, without hesitation, and without heeding the prayers and supplications of friends and colleagues;  Salvation you wished for yourself, with confidence and courage...

May your soul rest in peace and eternity, and my sincere condolences to his family and relatives, and I hope that his recent writings will be collected for publication in a book.