The Giants Brigade strangles the Houthis in Marib

English - الأحد 09 يناير 2022 الساعة 07:17 م
Aden, NewsYemen, Exclusive:

The Giants Brigades have significantly narrowed the noose on the Houthi militia's supply lines to the Marib Governorate, after the great field gains made by the southern forces in Bayhan, Shabwa Governorate, southern Yemen.

 On Friday, the giants announced the success of the second phase of the military operation "Cyclone of the South" in Shabwa, liberating the Bayhan district from the Houthis' grip, and also gave them a deadline to withdraw from the "Ain" district, their last stronghold in the governorate located on the Arabian Sea.

The town of Bayhan acquires military importance as it is adjacent to the southern districts of the Marib and Al-Bayda governorates, which are controlled by the Houthi militia, which facilitates the process of opening new fronts against the Houthis in the depth of their control.

Bayhan was one of the three districts of Shabwa, next to Usaylan and Ain, which were seized by the Houthi militia last September with the flagrant complicity of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, which was running the governorate at the time.

The Houthi militia's seizure of the area, without real fighting, marked the beginning of a radical shift in the course of its military campaign to control the adjacent Marib Governorate.

Before the fall of Bayhan, in their hands, with the facilitation of forces affiliated with the legitimate government and affiliated with the Islah Party, the local branch of the Brotherhood, the Houthis were unable to make any significant penetration into the defenses of local tribesmen in the districts south of Marib, despite the human waves and huge war equipment, which they pushed  to attack those areas.

However, the equation changed, with the Iranian-backed militias taking control of the districts of Ain, Bayhan and Usaylan, as they succeeded in strangling Marib, from its eastern and southern sides, and overthrowing 5 districts within one month.

On January 1, the Southern Giants Brigades launched Operation Cyclone of the South to expel Houthi militias from the western districts of Shabwa, where they liberated the entire districts of Usaylan and Baihan, and headed for the liberation of "Ain" on the border from the governorates of Al-Bayda and Marib.

The Houthi militia received a heavy defeat, which it did not expect, despite the fact that it sent large numbers of personnel and heavy combat mechanisms to Bayhan, and it also used landmine fields extensively in an effort to impede the progress of the giants.

But the Houthis’ plans ended, with the Giants’ forces adopting an advanced professional combat tactic, as they distributed their forces on several offensive axes, and focused on dismembering the militia, isolating its forces from each other, cutting its supply lines between Shabwa, Marib and Al-Bayda, and attacking the ruling sites.

The liberation of Bayhan would directly contribute to weakening the Houthi force stationed south of Marib, given the military importance it represents (Al-Alia), as the liberation of the Harib Directorate will be a foregone conclusion as it is on the northern border of Bayhan.

The back of the Houthi militia on the southern fronts of Marib after the liberation of Bayhan became exposed and threatened after the strategic progress of the Giants forces in this district, and the control of an important crossroads linking Shabwa with the districts south of Marib.

The liberation of Bayhan also allows opening the door for any upcoming moves to liberate al-Bayda, in addition to what Bayhan represents from the historical depth of Shabwa and Yemen as a whole. It also represents a tribal, social and geographical extension of the governorates of Shabwa and Marib and their tribes.