The suffering of academics is painful messages.. Iran’s arm deliberately destroys education

English - الاثنين 10 يناير 2022 الساعة 09:38 ص
Sana'a, NewsYemen, private:

The cycle of stopping salaries in general and the salaries of faculty within universities was a real test for Iran's arm five years ago.

Some of them have left teaching to find another source of income, even if it is difficult and does not suit their abilities in order to support their children, while dozens have died due to poverty and the need for treatment and necessary things.

Another evidence of the militia's tendency to destroy education, it expelled a number of academics from their residence, and chose the worst employees to carry out the mission against the most prominent cadres, some of whom were founders of the mother university, Sana'a University.

The militia reached the insolence to arrest many teachers, subject them to accountability and torture, and pledge not to engage in the issue of demanding rights, or talking about salaries;  Because that "serves aggression" and endangers the country from its point of view.

Suffering continues and the situation deteriorates

The messages of the academics reached all concerned, but they multiplied those minds, even with a regular salary, even though the university is a revenue-generating entity.  They preferred collective punishment, while the professor's voice was completely silent, especially after the killing of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh on December 4, 2017, at the hands of Iran's arm.

Dr..  Abdullah Salah, Professor of Literature and Criticism at Dhamar University, commented in his latest publication on the state of the university’s teachers by saying: “There are thousands of Yemeni academics who spent their youth in educational attainment, in the hope of achieving a decent life and participating in the service and building of the nation.. and when they completed  Their long and arduous scientific journey by obtaining a global degree (PhD) from the most prestigious Arab and international universities, they found themselves outside the limits of reason and logic, with no homeland that embraces them, no state that sponsors them, no scientific institutions that adopt their ideas and projects, not even salaries that preserve them a little dignity.

He concluded by saying: "What happened and is happening to academics in terms of neglect, humiliation, slander and indiscretion, is not a little; therefore, people should seek excuses for them, if they remain silent, fall short, or lose scientific sobriety, or their psyches seem tired, or they deviate in their speech or writings to violence and extremism."  .

 How to stop this farce

Who will stop the farce of destroying the educational process that the Houthi militia is doing systematically every day, and for whom?  Questions raised by the student and the follower of the educational process and the teacher.

The answer is, no one, if the situation continues as it is;  From the silence of the university teacher for fear of being arrested, and the lack of interest from the legitimate government and international bodies.

According to academics, the militia does not pay much attention to those who leave their jobs in protest of the miserable conditions, but rather dismiss them completely and replace them with an alternative, even with secondary qualifications, as happened with dozens.

The matter did not stop at cutting salaries, but this group went beyond that to looting the lands of Sana’a University and Ibb University and transferring large parts of them to the private sector or the lands of some influential people.