Secret report to the Security Council: Iran transfers weapons to the Houthis in Yemen

English - الاثنين 10 يناير 2022 الساعة 04:38 م
Aden, NewsYemen:

An American newspaper revealed, on Saturday, that the US Navy had seized thousands of weapons, including missile launchers and machine guns, in recent months in the Arabian Sea, most likely originating from the Iranian port of Jask, and they were destined for Yemen, according to a draft confidential United Nations report.

And the American newspaper, "The Wall Street Journal", quoting the document prepared by a team of experts from the UN Security Council on Yemen, stated that small wooden boats and land transports were used in an attempt to illegally pass weapons made in Russia, China and Iran to Yemen, according to the agency.  France Press.

According to the French agency, the authors of the draft report, who based its preparation on interviews with Yemeni crews on these boats, as well as data from navigation equipment, revealed that the boats used to transport weapons set off from the Jask port in southeastern Iran overlooking the Sea of Oman.

It is noteworthy that the United Nations had imposed an embargo on supplying the Houthi rebels with weapons in 2015.