They condemned the kidnapping of "Khawla" after her family was burned... Tweeters: Brotherhood gangs are messing around in Taiz

English - الاثنين 10 يناير 2022 الساعة 06:27 م
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Yemenis condemned the kidnapping, on Sunday, of an armed gang affiliated with the Brotherhood militia, a girl from the "Al-Harq" family, after they killed her family members earlier.

The child, Khawla Abdo Al-Hareq, was kidnapped, a day after she led a protest in front of the governorate building to demand the arrest of the armed gang members who killed her father and a number of her family members.

Yesterday, social networking sites launched a hashtag (#Save Taiz from the Gangs), in which they emphasized that the terrorism of the Muslim Brotherhood is tampering with Taiz.

They said: What is happening in Taiz?  Three kidnappings in Taiz in one week.  The gangs are messing with Taiz. Today, the girl, Khawla Abdo Al-Hareq, was kidnapped. The Al-Harq family accuses the gang that follows Al-Araj who burned their homes months ago.