" The Cyclone of the South", dispels the dreams of the Houthis and the Brotherhood and strikes its expansionist ambitions

English - الثلاثاء 11 يناير 2022 الساعة 10:07 ص
Shabwa, NewsYemen:

In just ten days, the Southern Giants Brigades achieved great victories, after which, on Monday, they liberated the entire Shabwa governorate from the claws of the Houthi militia, after it liberated Al-Ain, the last Houthi stronghold, under the Southern Cyclone operation.

The dismissal of Muhammad bin Adyo, the governor of Shabwa governorate, the Brotherhood and its militias, was the first step in cutting the lifeline of the Houthi militias, as Shabwa was the main source of smuggling weapons and oil derivatives to the Houthi militia and enabled it to withstand.

After the appointment of Shabwani, Awad bin Al-Wazir Al-Awlaki, as the new governor, the people of Shabwa confirmed that the new Shabwa will be no injustice, no abuse, no secret detention.

While the political journalist, Sayyaf Al-Gharbani, said earlier, the giants laid their hands on the Ain district, and wrote the end of Al-Houthi in Shabwa.  3 districts in 8 days, the army of 400,000 sat, advancing with Maimanah and Maysara, Hailan 4 years, and in the end handed everything over and returned to Marib.

The "Olaya City", the capital of the liberated Bayhan district, is the historical metropolis of Baihan and lies between mountain ranges and is known as the gateway to the Shabwa governorate with the northern Yemeni governorates, especially Al-Bayda and Sana'a.  Its population is heavily involved in the commercial field.

Bayhan, as a directorate, acquires military importance as it is located on the borders of the southern districts of Ma'rib and al-Bayda governorates, which are under the control of the Houthi militia, which facilitates the process of opening new fronts for the putschists in the depth of their control.

The geographical area of Bayhan is 616 square kilometers, while its population exceeds 60,000 people, and it is the largest district after Ataq, the center of the governorate in terms of population.

And Bayhan, with its 3 districts (Usailan - Bayhan - Ain), is one of the strongholds of oil wealth in Yemen, where there is an oil field in addition to other oil wealth that was part of exploratory activities before the 2011 Brotherhood chaos in the country.

lady of battles

The former military police commander in Shabwa Governorate, Colonel Muhammad bin Mubarak Al-Buraiki, says that "Bayhan is one of the rich districts such as Arma'a, and they are two rich areas in Shabwa governorate in oil production and are considered two valuable jewels, which the Houthis and the Brotherhood sought to control."

The former military official pointed out that the Houthi militia took control of Bayhan and did not reach Arma, but "the latter was not spared the dominance of the Brotherhood's Islah party, and it is time for it to be freed from this domination."

He added to "Al-Ain News", "The Houthi militia that occupied Bayhan today is losing it in a battle with the heroes of the Southern Giants Forces in less than a week, and today it is breathing freedom."

Colonel Al-Buraiki described the battle to liberate Bayhan as "the lady of the battles" that dispelled the dreams of the Houthi militia, but evaporated through this battle and a blow to its expansionist ambitions.

He explained that the forces of the southern giants liberated Bayhan, including the capital of Bayhan and its main center, the city of "Al-Olaya", in a short time that no one expected, after enjoying a trained force, new equipment for battle, and a quick decision.

As for the "Houthi militias, they had a quick failure in Bayhan, and I believe that the battle to liberate Bayhan and its success will open the paths to achieving upcoming victories in other areas, according to Colonel Al-Buraiki."

weakening the power of the Houthis

Regarding the importance at the military level, the Yemeni military expert, Wadah Al-Aubali, said that the liberation of Bayhan will directly contribute to weakening the Houthi force stationed south of Marib, and will make the liberation of the Harib Marib district a foregone conclusion as it is on the northern border of Bayhan.

He added, in statements to "Al-Ain News", that the liberation of Bayhan will also open the door to any upcoming moves to liberate Al-Bayda, in addition to what Baihan represents from the historical depth of Shabwa and Yemen as a whole, as well as a tribal, social and geographical extension of the Shabwa and Marib governorates and their tribes.

The back of the Houthi militia on the southern fronts of Ma'rib after the liberation of Bayhan became exposed and threatened after the strategic advance of the Giants' forces in this district, according to Al-Oubli.