The security of Taiz is complicit with the perpetrators.. A kidnapping crime brings the Al-Harq family case back to the fore

English - الثلاثاء 11 يناير 2022 الساعة 04:42 م
Taiz, NewsYemen, special:

The heinous crime that the burning family was subjected to in the city of Taiz, and the handling of the Brotherhood’s security services with it, revealed the extent of the disaster experienced by the city besieged by the Houthi militia, the Iranian arm in Yemen, and the murder and criminal gangs protected by the de-facto authority.

Last August, a number of members of the Burning family were subjected to a crime of genocide at the hands of armed gangs belonging to the Taiz military axis of the Islah party, while those involved are sheltering with powerful military and security leaders until now.

In Taiz, the Islah Party imposes complete control over the military and security institutions in the governorate.

And yesterday, Sunday, eighteen-year-old Khawla Abdo Muhammad Ali Al-Hareq, aged 18, was kidnapped by unknown persons in the city of Taiz.

And last Saturday, family members staged a vigil in front of the local authority building to demand the arrest of all those involved in the murder, displacement and looting of family members and the completion of judicial procedures.

For his part, Khawla's brother, Suleiman Al-Hareq, said that his sister left the house, at 8:30 am yesterday, heading to Taiz University, which is located within the neighborhood in which the family lives, but they confirmed hours later that she did not reach the university after communicating with her colleagues.

In another video he posted on Facebook today, Monday, Suleiman said: For the second day of the incident, the security services did not move any residents, and his sister Khawla is still missing.

Suleiman Al-Hareq accused the security and military authorities in Taiz of being lenient with the criminals and of not reacting and responding to the reports submitted by the family, in addition to the failure to enforce the law in their previous case.

Two days after the kidnapping incident, the Taiz police said that they started investigation procedures into the disappearance of the citizen, Khawla Abdo Al-Hareq, as soon as she received a report of her disappearance.

It pointed out that the initial investigations of the security services resulted in the arrest of two people suspected of being behind the disappearance of the student, and they are being investigated, while investigations and research procedures are still continuing to reach the whereabouts of the disappeared woman.

Two days ago, the neighborhood in which the family lived witnessed heavy shooting, and the house of the burning family was targeted by gunmen without any measures taken by the security and police services, which are lenient or are partners in most cases.

In the past months, the family has also been subject to prosecution by gunmen who have continued to attack the family and shoot the house continuously.

In August of last year, an armed dispute erupted over a plot of land between the burning family and another party led by Majed Al-Araj, claiming ownership of the land next to the burning house. The dispute developed into an assault on the family home and an assault on women and children.

Since August last year, the security services have not arrested any of the main suspects. In early December, the security authorities released two of the accused in the case, who are relatives of Majed Al-Araj and Shaalan, who lead the gang.

Informed sources stated that there was complicity by security and military leaders with the main accused of the assault and liquidation of members of the burning family, and to provide them with protection, especially since most of the accused are security-wanted and present in the city and move freely, near the neighborhood in which the family resides.