UAE-backed "...the way to victory in the face of the "organization of lies"

English - الثلاثاء 11 يناير 2022 الساعة 05:59 م
Shabwa, NewsYemen, Muhammad Al-Junaidi:

Once again, the UAE-backed forces succeed in breaking the expansion of the Houthi militia, Iran's arm in Yemen, a scenario that has been consistent since its intervention in 2015.

With the expulsion of the Houthi militia, from the three districts of Bayhan in Shabwa governorate, Abu Dhabi and the local forces that support it, such as the Southern Giants Brigades, have achieved resounding success in the war in the country, as well as proving that their “approach” to conflict management is the only one “capable of ending the arrogance, barbarism and expansion of the Houthis throughout the country.  The country,” in contrast to the path of the “Brotherhood,” which gave al-Houthi absolute superiority until he entered battles, achieving daily victories without war.

Journalist Sayyaf Al-Gharbani summed up the scene by saying: “The UAE engineered the radical transformations in the course of the war in Yemen.

The Battle of Aden, the Battle of the Marib Dam, the Battle of Mukalla, the Battle of Bab al-Mandab, the Battle of the West Coast... and now the Battle of Shabwa.

What is in the balance of the Brotherhood?  Other than the battle of science and the ancient and stony Taiz?

 In addition to the Brotherhood’s failures to liberate any of the occupied areas, or even to stop the militia’s expansion in the Ma’rib, Al-Bayda, Al-Jawf, and Nehm governorates, and hand them over since January of last year, and on a golden plate, Nehm, Al-Jawf, then Al-Bayda, all the way to the Bihan districts, it was content with financing campaigns  Fabricated media against the victory makers, and transformed the phrase “Emirati-backed” as a national accusation.

Journalist Yasser Al Yafei said that "since the launch of the Decisive Storm, the brothers in the UAE have been providing continuous support to all fronts in the north and south, despite their denial and ingratitude."

Commenting on the liberation of Bayhan, Al Yafei pointed out that the successive and successive victories and the securing and normalization of life indicate the wisdom, patience and Arabism of the Emirati leadership despite the continuous attempts to disrupt.

For his part, the academic Mahmoud Al-Salmi reminded the Brotherhood of Yemen for their betrayal of the coalition, noting that the coalition provided the Brotherhood in Ma’rib with all kinds of financial and military support, including tanks, modern artillery and the Patriot and made it the main center for confronting the Houthis, and sacrificed the goodness of his men there, but the Brotherhood pacified the Houthis and headed to launch a campaign of incitement  The campaign was against the coalition in public, and against Saudi Arabia in secret.

Al-Salmi pointed out that there is no force that resisted Al-Houthi but that the Brotherhood created a thousand problems with it.

He added: They left Al-Houthi on the walls of Ma'rib and headed to the faraway Aden to liberate it from the forces that liberated it from Al-Houthi.  To liberate it from the giants that liberated it from the Houthis, and then they call on the coalition and everyone to join forces against the Houthis.