Marib.. Renewed confrontations in Balaq and East Harib

English - الثلاثاء 11 يناير 2022 الساعة 06:02 م
Marib, NewsYemen, Private:

The fronts in the south and west of Marib governorate are witnessing continuous battles between the National Army on one side and the Houthi militia, the Iranian arm, on the other hand, in conjunction with a series of air raids targeting several Houthi militia sites and reinforcements on the western front.

Sources in the city's fronts told NewsYemen that they launched a military operation at dawn on Tuesday in the eastern desert of Aqabat Mala'a, separating the districts of Juba and Harib, during which it was able to liberate the veins of Mai, al-Bur and al-Akda, east of the Harib district, and the battles are still continuing in 3 axes on the southern front of Marib.

According to field sources, confrontations described as violent in the Yarref area, and the army forces managed to reach the outskirts of the village of Al-Amoud, west of the southern front, where the army and tribes are seeking to advance on that front due to its strategic importance as it protects the rest of the eastern Balak and the main line linking Marib and Al-Bayda.

 The eastern Ramle front also witnessed violent battles between the army forces and the Houthi militia.

The Houthi militia controls large parts of Al-Balaq and was able to expand in the Ramla area with the aim of reaching the oil-rich area of Safer, which is approximately twenty kilometers from the confrontation areas.

The army forces are trying to restore sites they lost in the past months in sand dunes that extend to the Umm Reesh camp.

 A number of areas on the southern fronts are witnessing confrontations against the Houthi militia, including areas east of the southern front, where the national army is seeking to make field progress there.

The army forces had reached the Yaraf desert towards the south and Qarn Al-Luza overlooking the Umm Reish camp, but they retreated hours after their advance.

The sources indicated that the fighters of the Arab coalition targeted, with intense air raids, Houthi militia positions and reinforcements on various fighting fronts in the south of the governorate.  

It incurred huge human and material losses.

On the western front of Marib, the sources said that fierce battles were accompanied by mutual artillery and missile shelling along the theater of combat operations on the fronts of Wadi Dhanna and Rawdat Jahm.  To the east of Serwah district and along the Al-Kasara and Al-Mushajah fronts.