Taiz.. Demonstrators demand the local authority to reveal the fate of the student Khawla Al-Harq

English - الأربعاء 12 يناير 2022 الساعة 08:36 م
Taiz, NewsYemen:

Hundreds of citizens participated in a peaceful demonstration calling on the security services and the local authority in Taiz Governorate to reveal the fate of the kidnapped student, Khawla Al-Harq, since last Sunday.

The demonstrators expressed their condemnation of the silence of the security services under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood regarding the kidnapping of the student Khawla Al-Harq and the lack of action to arrest those involved in her kidnapping.

The demonstrators called on the leaders of the local authority, led by Governor Nabil Shamsan, to do their duty to save the student, Khawla al-Haraq, or at least reveal her fate.

The family accuses gunmen from the Majed Al-Araj gang of kidnapping the student, Khawla Muhammad Abdo Al-Hareq, while she was going, last Sunday, to take the exam at the College of Applied Sciences, Taiz University.

The Al-Araj gang had killed the father of the kidnapped student, Abdo Muhammad Al-Hareq, his son Issa, and his brothers Issam and Khaled, and burned their house last August, in the Habeel Salman area, west of the city of Taiz.