The Houthis announce the arrest of the kidnappers of Khawla Al-Harq in their areas of control in Taiz

English - الخميس 13 يناير 2022 الساعة 06:32 م
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The Houthi militia announced the arrest of the kidnappers of the girl Khawla Muhammad Abdo Al-Harq in Taiz.

The Houthi leader, Ali Al-Qurashi, said in a post on his "Facebook" that their "security services" "conducted the raid and seized the kidnappers of the girl" in an area under their control, and that they are now in the process of investigating them.

Activists confirmed that the girl is currently in the "Al-Hashma" area northwest of the city of Taiz, with the Houthi leader Ali Al-Qurashi.

An armed gang affiliated with Majid Al-Araj and Akram Al-Shaalan - the two officers of the Taiz axis affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen - kidnapped the girl Khawla Al-Hareq, last Sunday, after she left Taiz University, after the girl led a protest, to demand the punishment of the latter for killing her father, brother and uncles.

The Committee for the Follow-up of the Forcibly Disappeared in Taiz Governorate condemned the kidnapping of the student, Khawla Abdo Al-Hareq, last Sunday, while she was going to university.

In a statement, she said, "The Committee for the Follow-up of the Forcibly Disappeared is following with great concern the expansion of crime in the city of Taiz, and its reaching unprecedented and unacceptable levels, the latest of which was the crime of kidnapping the student Khawla, and taking her to an unknown location."

The statement called on the security services to do their duty to reveal the fate of the student, Khawla, and the party involved in the crime.

And the Security Media Center affiliated with the Taiz Brotherhood announced, "The arrest of two suspects, who are being investigated in connection with the case."

Activists considered that the Houthi announcement of the girl's presence and the arrest of the kidnapped confirmed that the statement of the security center affiliated with Islah was just a cover-up for the crime, collusion with the perpetrators, distortion and deception of public opinion.

They wonder: How did the kidnappers pass the girl from all the security points and in front of the police and the army affiliated with the Brotherhood, quite easily, to be arrested at the Houthi points?