Abyan..Houthi militias blow up the Aqaba Halhal that linking Lauder and Al-Bayda

English - الخميس 13 يناير 2022 الساعة 06:38 م
Abyan, NewsYemen:

The Houthi militia blew up the  Aqabab Al-Halhel , which links the city of Lawdar in the Abyan governorate with the Al-Bayda governorate.

The militias blew up Aqaba, on Thursday morning, after they failed to detonate it completely on Wednesday.

According to the sources, the militias blew up parts of Aqaba, blowing them up with explosives, which caused a final rupture of the line between Abyan and Al-Bayda.

The Aqaba Halhal  is the only artery between Lauder and Al-Bayda, after the militias closed down an aqaba since the start of the war years ago.

The militias feared a possible attack to liberate Mukayras, and took action to blew up Aqaba to prevent the forces from reaching Mukiras.

These Houthi steps come days after the head of the Transitional Council, Aidarous Al-Zubaidi, announced that Mukiras was on a date with Tahrir, and news arrived about the preparations of the two giants' brigades to reinforce the fronts of Lauder city.