After its liberation, young people volunteer to clear Shabwa of mines from the Houthi militia - video

English - الخميس 13 يناير 2022 الساعة 09:39 م
Aden, NewsYemen:

 A group of young volunteers began clearing mines left by the Houthi militia in the districts of Shabwa Governorate, southeast of Yemen.

The Houthi militia planted large quantities of mines and explosive devices in the three districts of Baihan, shortly after its control over those areas with the facilities of the Islah Party, the local branch of the Brotherhood.

The volunteer team aims to clear the mines with their own efforts, and without the necessary protective equipment, to secure the lives of civilians returning to their homes, after the liberation of the three Baihan districts, with a military operation waged by the Giants Brigades with the support of Arab coalition fighters.

A video clip shows the areas of "Al-Safah, "Al-Arif", "Al-Matareya" and "Hana" in Shabwa governorate, which were strewn with internationally prohibited anti-vehicle mines, IEDs and anti-personnel mines.