Emirati analyst: The forces of the Giants Brigade have moved from west to east, and Al-Ahmr Army will remain in Seiyun

English - السبت 15 يناير 2022 الساعة 05:18 م
Aden, NewsYemen:

Emirati military analyst, Brigadier General Khalfan al-Kaabi, said that Marib has received great support from the Arab coalition, stressing that the betrayals of the Islah party and its leaders were the cause of the setbacks that occurred in the northern governorates.

Al-Kaabi said, in a series of tweets on his Twitter account, that the difference is clear. 

Marib obtained all the support, but the betrayal of the Islah party and its conspiracy with the Houthis prevented liberation, despite the sacrifices of great tribesmen, while Shabwa was liberated in a short time.

He pointed out that the Arab coalition saw that the presence of the giants' brigades on the western coast was without duty after it reorganized its defenses, so it pushed the giants' brigades to liberate Shabwa, and succeeded in that.

The military analyst called on the leadership of the army, Al-Ahmr and Al-Maqdashi, to learn from the Arab coalition in Shabwa and to transfer their accumulated forces in Hadhramaut to support Marib.

He said that everyone is aware that the penetration of the Islah party and its control over the joints of legitimacy and the presence of its leaders in the national army, is the reason for the setbacks of Marib and North Yemen.

Brigadier General Al-Kaabi considered getting rid of Islah and its leaders an important step to save Marib and liberate the north from the Houthis.