The downfall of the Brotherhood project in Shabwa changed the course of events militarily and economically

English - السبت 15 يناير 2022 الساعة 06:32 م
Shabwa, NewsYemen, private:

Yemeni military and political sources confirmed that the fall of the plans and project of the Islah party, "the arm of the Brotherhood in Yemen", in Shabwa governorate, by changing the leader and coordinator of the operations of the international organization of the Brotherhood in Yemen, Muhammad bin Adiyo, caused many changes in the military scene, with the recent victories of the giants, and soon, on the economic and political sides, a movement for change will include the Brotherhood's center of power, represented by the director of Hadi's office, "Abdullah Al-Alimi."

The sources pointed out that what Yemen needs at the present time is to remove the Brotherhood from the military and political scene, and to combat its corruption in the economic and financial affairs, which will bring the country back on its right track, and the Persian project represented by the Iranian-backed Houthi militias will fall at the lowest costs.

The sources indicated that the Houthis’ survival and cohesion during the past years was one of the pillars of which was the betrayals and conspiracies of the Islah party’s elements that fall within the framework of legitimacy, against the leaders in the field, and the Arab coalition through its misleading of combat information on all fronts under the control of those elements, which worked during the past combat years to provide the Houthis with the equipment it received from the coalition, as well as the smuggling of specific weapons, "drones and ballistic missiles", and all materials used in the manufacture of explosives, drugs, oil, and all the needs that serve the survival of the Houthis.

According to those sources, the fall of the Brotherhood's project in Shabwa led to a change in the course of hostilities on the oil-important Marib fronts, against which the two groups conspired during the past two years.  And the defense fronts of Marib, which were in their last breath on the walls of the city, the capital of the province, shifted from defense to attack after the fall of the Iran and Brotherhood project in Shabwa, the best witness and evidence of that interdependence between the two groups.

Today, Shabwa, these sources add, is leading military and economic operations in all parts of the country, as it has become a springboard for launching liberation operations, as we witnessed yesterday by the spokesman of the Arab Coalition, Brigadier Turki al-Maliki, who launched Operation Free Yemen, which includes reforming the economic system.  Improving living conditions and returning the displaced, he said.

Returning Shabwa to the forefront of the Yemeni scene, drawn by the forces of the Southern Giants Brigades, which recaptured the three districts that were handed over to the Houthis by the Brotherhood in September of last year, in a short period of battles that did not exceed ten days, which exposed the betrayal and truth of the fictitious disclosure forces of the Brotherhood, which are only engaged in fictitious battles to obtain the financial gains for their elements, so these gelatinous elements were removed from the scene so that the real forces would take the lead in the next stage, starting from Shabwa.

The sources expected that, during the coming period, the forces of the southern giants would play the role of support and would lead training operations for real northern forces, which would enable them to regain their areas, not only from the Houthis, but also from the rats of the Brotherhood infiltrated in those areas.

The sources also expected that during the short period, the infiltrated legitimacy of the Brotherhood would be restructured, which constitutes a stumbling block to any military and economic reforms that collide with Brotherhood leader Abdullah Al-Alimi, director of Hadi’s office, who has everything in his hand and works to reject any decisions proposed by the prime minister or army leaders to reform the system of corruption and treachery caused by Brotherhood elements in these important facilities.

Everyone believes that what happened and was achieved in Shabwa after the dismissal of the Brotherhood’s corruption class led by Bin Adiyo, from the victory and the rearrangement of the Shabwani House, opens the door to reforming the rest of the sectors and regions that are experiencing paralysis as a result of corruption and betrayal of Brotherhood leaders on the military side in Marib, Al-Jawf and Taiz, and on the economic side, it is waiting a major movement of change in the government to correct its work in order to advance the goal of the coalition operation, “The Freedom of Happy Yemen,” in the military and economic aspects. Without changing the leaders affiliated with Islah, headed by Al-Alimi, none of the goals of the operation will be achieved, especially in the northern regions.