NewsYemen reveals the numbers and ranks of the militias killed in the 12 days of this January

English - الأحد 16 يناير 2022 الساعة 07:09 م
Sana'a, NewsYemen, private:

Despite the state of concealment and secrecy that the Houthi militia, the Iranian arm in Yemen, is trying to deal with with the issue of its dead on the fronts, the official statistics published by the official Houthi media provide evidence of the extent of the losses that the militias have incurred in the recent period, especially on the Marib and Shabwa fronts.

According to a monitoring process carried out by NewsYemen for the number of militias killed, whose bodies were buried during the first twelve days of this month, and whose funeral news is published through the Saba News Agency, which is under its control, the number of casualties incurred by the militias has increased, especially in the Marib front and the Shabwa front, which it was liberated by the forces of giants.

The funerals and burials of the corpses of the dead militias are taking place on a daily basis, whether in Sanaa or the rest of the areas under its control, which is confirmed by the announced figures for the number of dead bodies who are buried daily, not to mention the dead whose names are kept secret, as they are buried secretly, especially by senior leaders.  Inside the militia.

Over the course of the twelve days, Saba News Agency, in its Houthi version, published daily news about funerals for the bodies of its dead. The announced statistics reveal that 257 militia leaders and members who were killed on the fronts that the Houthi media do not announce in its coverage of the funerals of the dead have been buried.

While sources close to the militias confirm to NewsYemen that there are large numbers of dead, whose burial is kept secret, especially the dead of important military and security leaders within the militias, for fear that this will affect the psychology of their fighters on the fronts, but the Houthi leaders are forced to announce the names of their dead who are buried and who belong to the sheikhs and tribal figures, in order to ensure that they continue the mobilization process.

Contrary to what was witnessed in the past periods of the high number of deaths of militia elements, soldiers and ordinary individuals, the statistics for the first twelve days of this current January indicate that the dead militias were mostly military leaders of high ranks. The figures show that the bodies of (one brigade) and (  4 killed in the rank of brigadier, (20) killed in the rank of colonel, and (17) killed in the rank of lieutenant colonel, while the number of militia leaders with the rank of major was buried (48), captain (36), and first lieutenant (59).  killed, and at the rank of second lieutenant (43), while these numbers decrease in the lower ranks by (6) killed in the rank of assistant, and (23) dead soldiers, which reveals the reality of the losses incurred by the militias, whether in relation to the battles on the frontlines or in relation to the size of the losses resulting from the air strikes carried out by the coalition aircraft on the headquarters of the Houthi militias.

Sources close to the militias confirm that their leaders are facing great difficulties in mobilizing fighters in light of the increasing number of deaths in their ranks and the insistence of their leaders to push hundreds and even thousands of deceived tribesmen to the death burners, especially on the fronts of Marib, Shabwa and the western coast.

The following table presents a statistic of the number of militia dead whose funerals and burials were announced during the first twelve days of January.