The Southern Giants Brigade and the search for an honest partner to break Iran's project in the north

English - الاثنين 17 يناير 2022 الساعة 05:32 م
Aden, NewsYemen, Exclusive:

The recent developments and the victories achieved by the forces of the southern giants demonstrated the fragility of the Houthi group, the Iranian arm in Yemen, and the possibility of ridding the country of it within a short period.

Within months, the south was liberated from Iran’s proxies, followed by the western coast, even Marib and Al-Jawf, and the forces reached the outskirts of Sana’a when the UAE waged the battle and relied on the honest people who wished to liberate the country.

The liberation of the remaining provinces under the control of Iran's arm is not impossible. Rather, it has become in its most difficult and weakest time, but this requires a solid leadership that believes in liberation away from malicious projects supported by parties seeking to thwart the Arab coalition.

The north does not lack men or leadership, and this was not a reason for the great failure on the fronts. The Yemeni is by nature a brave and courageous fighter, and the people of the northern governorates are seeking by all means to get rid of the militias perched on their chests, but they have been plagued by a partisan leadership that is all concerned with sabotaging the alliance, looting money and corruption, and its last concern is to expel Iran’s arm.

Observers believe that seven years of failure by the same leaders known for corruption and failure will not achieve victory, and changing them with a leadership that carries a Yemeni project away from foreign interventions targeting the coalition and serving Iran's militias will contribute to achieving victory and within a short period.

The brigades of giants seek to defeat the militias, and they are able to do so, but they need the leader and the fighters who belong to the north, and the land is liberated only by its sons.

Southern journalist Anwar al-Tamimi says that the Jawbis and their armed forces are a backing force for the truthful people in the north in the fight against the Houthis, and the southern forces will not be a substitute for the people of the land.

Al-Tamimi indicated that the recent amendment of the name of the Giants Brigades and the addition of the adjective (southern) comes in the context of controlling identity and blocking the road in the face of victories thieves.

Al-Tamimi added, in another tweet, that a north without the Houthi militias and the Brotherhood militias and their political and economic arms is a southern interest before it is a northern interest.

He explained that the regional and international situation is ripe to work on achieving this achievement.

He continued: There are military formations in the north that the south and the coalition had a role in forming and training, and they do not deny credit, such as the "Guardians of the Republic" and "Tahami Brigades."  Likewise, there are popular resistances in the north awaiting southern support, such as the resistance of the "Murad" tribe in Ma'rib and the Humayqan family in al-Bayda, according to al-Tamimi.

The military expert, Brigadier General Thabet Hussein Saleh, believes that the support of the southern forces for the coalition's operations in the north should be preceded and accompanied by securing and rebuilding the south so that it does not stab from the back or steal its victories.

Brigadier General Thabet confirmed that the southerners paid a heavy price from their best men to liberate their land from the new invaders and to support the operations of the Arab coalition in the north.

The departure of the northern and Brotherhood forces from the south to the fronts was also attended by the political writer Mahmoud al-Salmi, when he said the idea of sacrificing the southern forces in order to liberate the north, and that the northern forces remain stockpiled and hovering in the southern regions, the idea of not even entering the head of a donkey.

Al-Salmi indicated in another tweet, if Saudi Arabia had neglected the army of party corruption, and had formed a new army in Marib from loyal tribesmen in resisting the Houthis, as the UAE did in Aden, it would have resolved the war in the first year.