With evidence and proofs..a local consensus that the Houthi authorities are behind the internet outage in Yemen

English - السبت 22 يناير 2022 الساعة 05:26 م
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The opinions of a number of experts specializing in the telecommunications and Internet services sector are unanimous that the Houthi militia, backed by Iran, was behind the internet outage in the various governorates of the republic, not the air raid, as the coup militias claimed.

The global internet watchdog net blocks reported that internet service was cut off in most parts of Yemen after night air raids on a communications center in the coastal city of Hodeidah.

The authority said that real-time data shows the loss of connection to the leading Yemen Net network (AS30873) early on Friday morning, noting that it is not known whether the communications infrastructure is specifically targeted.

In this regard, the Public Communications Corporation, which is under the control of the Houthis, claimed that the internet service was cut off in most areas of Yemen after targeting the communications building in Hodeidah, where the International Internet Gateway is the only source for the northern and southern governorates.

But these allegations were met with wide questions by local experts about the reason that made the Internet service work for more than two and a half hours after the attack before it stopped.

Engineer Yousry Al-Athawry said in a post on his Facebook account, "The latest information indicates that the air strike that took place in Hodeidah took place at 10:30 in the evening and the internet continued to work until 1 at night, which suggests the hypothesis that the decision to cut the internet was deliberate by the Houthi militia to provoke opinion.  general".

Al-Athawry pointed out that there is updated information saying that YemenNet has a satellite connection that is used when the marine cables were cut, and it was used before when the Falcon cable was cut off.. He added that the reason for not operating it in these circumstances may be "deliberate."

Discussions in the same context witnessed the page of the former president of the World Internet Association in Yemen, Eng. Fahmy Al-Research, where a number of responses questioned the reason for the existence of such a large time difference between the air raid and the interruption of Internet service, before everyone agreed that this interruption was deliberate by the authorities.  The status quo in Sanaa, and perhaps the goal is to stir public opinion and pressure towards stopping the air raids that claimed the lives of dozens of their field and political leaders and inflicted heavy losses on them in military equipment, specifically with regard to drones and ballistic missiles.