The Arab League calls for the Houthis to be classified as a terrorist group

English - الأحد 23 يناير 2022 الساعة 07:02 م
Aden, NewsYemen:

The Arab League called on all countries to classify the Houthi group as a terrorist organization, during its extraordinary session of permanent delegates to discuss the terrorist incidents that the UAE has been subjected to.

The Council of the League of Arab States strongly condemned and strongly denounced the brutal and sinful terrorist attack on civilians and civilian objects by the Houthi terrorist militia with three cruise missiles on the Musaffah Icad 3 area and the new construction area at Abu Dhabi International Airport in the United Arab Emirates on January 17, 2022, which led to: Three oil tankers exploded, killing three people and wounding six innocent civilians.

The Council welcomed the solidarity of states and regional and international organizations with the United Arab Emirates, and its condemnation of the attacks committed by the Houthi militia against civilian areas and facilities as a cowardly and sinful terrorist attack.

He stressed that these terrorist attacks committed by the terrorist Houthi militia constitute a flagrant violation of international law and international humanitarian law, and are a real threat to vital civilian facilities, energy supplies and the stability of the global economy. They also constitute a threat to regional peace and security, undermine Arab national security, harm international peace and security, and pose a threat to  International commercial shipping lines.

 He affirmed absolute solidarity with the UAE and standing by it and supporting it in all the measures it takes to defend its security, the security of its people and those residing on its land, and its national interests and capabilities.

The Council also affirmed its support for the UAE's right to self-defense and response to aggression under international law, praising the UAE's keenness to adhere to and respect international law and its compliance with relevant United Nations resolutions.

He stressed the need for the international community to stand united in the face of this sinful terrorist act that threatens regional and international peace and stability, and to take immediate and decisive measures to deter the Houthi militias and deter them to stop their repeated criminal acts in Yemen and the region.

The Council called on the United Nations and the Security Council to assume their responsibilities and take a decisive and unified stance against the Houthi attacks on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and to deter and confront the ongoing atrocities committed by the Houthi militia against civilians and their deliberate obstruction of the delivery of aid and humanitarian supplies and the confiscation of food.

He asked the Secretary-General of the Arab League to follow up on the implementation of this resolution and to submit a report in this regard to the Council at its next regular session (157).