A frightening escalation of terrorist operations... a new Houthi-Brotherhood cooperation targeting the south

English - Wednesday 11 May 2022 الساعة 07:18 pm
Aden, NewsYemen, special:

The pace of terrorist operations has recently escalated in the southern governorates, targeting the Security Belt Forces, the Giants Brigades, and Shabwa Defense.

A soldier in the Shabwa Defense Forces was killed after being shot by a terrorist element in Ataq city, on Wednesday morning.

Security sources said that a gunman was stopped by a security point for the defense of Shabwa in Ataq, and after handing over the weapon after being suspicious of him, he pulled out a pistol he was carrying and killed one of the soldiers of the point that stopped him, so clashes erupted between him and the members of the point, the soldiers managed to kill him.

In the past days, local sources said that al-Qaeda members were seen moving in the districts of Mayfa'a and Radhum and settled in those areas after escaping from Al-Bayda Governorate.

 On Friday evening, clashes took place between al-Qaeda members and the Security Belt forces after their detention, which led to the martyrdom of leaders in the fight against terrorism and the Security Belt in the province, and the killing of all extremist elements.

The clashes erupted after the Security Belt forces seized the elements who infiltrated from Al-Bayda governorate to carry out terrorist operations in Al-Dhalea governorate, according to security sources.

Hours after the terrorist operation in Al-Dhalea governorate, extremist elements targeted a military group of the giants in Al-Mahfad district, Abyan governorate.

 Seven giants soldiers were wounded when an explosive device exploded in the military kit, which was on its way to Shabwa governorate.

Crews and cars belonging to the giants and international organizations were kidnapped in Abyan governorate, amid a strange silence of the forces loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood in the central region of the governorate.

Sources in the Giants Brigades confirmed the kidnapping of armed men in the Khobar al-Maraqsha area, on Tuesday evening, an ambulance of the force was on its way to Shabwa, coming from Aden.

Citizens in Abyan demanded that the Presidential Command Council give Abyan special importance, secure it, and restructure Shuqra's forces, which are of no use except for levies and the looting of merchants.

The increase in terrorist operations comes days after a number of terrorist elements were smuggled from Seiyun, which is under the control of pro-Brotherhood forces.

Brotherhood forces smuggling al-Qaeda prisoners from Seiyun coincided with the Houthi group releasing many al-Qaeda members from its prisons and their arrival to areas in Al-Bayda, Abyan and Shabwa.

It seems that these terrorist movements and the increase in operations in the liberated areas are in response to the dismissal of Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar, the first financier of terrorist groups.

Observers believe that securing Abyan governorate, supporting the local authority and security forces in Shabwa governorate, and restructuring the forces loyal to the Brotherhood in the two governorates is the only solution to stopping terrorist operations and expelling groups that serve the Houthi militias first and foremost.