Remarkable rise in murders in Houthi-controlled areas

English - الاثنين 16 مايو 2022 الساعة 07:23 م
Sana'a, NewsYemen, private:

Family murders escalated in light of a noticeable increase in criminal crimes in the governorates under the control of the terrorist Houthi militia.

Several Yemeni governorates have witnessed a frightening and alarming spread in the number of family crimes in an unprecedented manner that raised the alarm since the start of the war ignited by the Houthi militia, the arm of Iran, during its coup against the government in Sana’a on September 21, 2014.

The latest and most recent of these crimes were in the past three days, the most prominent of which was committed by a young man named “Ammar Zahra”, on Friday evening, which led to the killing of the former capital’s secretariat agent, “Abdulaziz Zahra”, with his wife, and his son, “Bashir”, in Haddah neighborhood in Sana’a, and wounding  Two women from the Ghalis family and the death of a fetus, one of whom was at the hands of a gunman, in Al-Sada district, Ibb governorate, and a citizen named “Mohammed Qaid Nasr Al-Askari” in Jabal Ras District, Al-Hodeidah Governorate, killed 4 members of his family and injured 2 others.

Ibb governorate topped the highest percentage out of four governorates witnessing an increase in various family and criminal murders, followed by Sana'a second, Taiz third, and Amran fourth.

And family crime rates recorded a remarkable increase in 2021 by 15%, according to security sources to (Newsmen) for 2020, especially in light of the continuation of the war, where crimes of domestic violence increased and reached a record high rate.  The prevailing culture of violence, incitement and hatred, which has a negative impact on creating more family disintegration in the community.

Talking about the phenomenon of suicide does not seem better, especially with the serious psychological repercussions that the war and difficult living conditions have had on Yemenis. About 94 people committed suicide last year, according to security sources to (NewsYemen), among them 20 minors, most of whom are females.  Most of them used poison, hanging, and burning as a means of death, in addition to falling from a high place.

Security sources confirmed that the leaders of the Ministry of Interior of the Houthi coup government in Sana'a are concealing the real numbers of family crimes and suicides, which have risen to a record and are in the records of the security services loyal to them in their areas of control.

The murders, which increased during the past three years, varied between family, criminal and other crimes, with different motives, committed by leaders and gunmen linked to the Houthi militia, and some of them were crimes committed by citizens suffering from psychological conditions or compelling living conditions, and hundreds of various murders were recorded, most of them inside  The same family, relatives, and ugly criminal crimes occurred due to family disputes in the countryside as a result of the problems of sharing inheritance and land in the absence of law and the authority of the state and the judiciary.

According to the "Travel Risk Map" website, Yemen was classified as one of the five most dangerous Arab countries in terms of security for the year 2022 , and among the 15 most dangerous countries in the world.  ethnic and other crimes.

Khaled Al-Ashbat, head of the Education Council, told NewsYemen that the reasons for the spread of murders in areas controlled by the Houthi group are due to two reasons: the first is intellectual, and the second is living and economic, explaining that the Houthi militia has entered society, especially young people, into a self-and psychological struggle through ideas that are foreign to our society.  This group works to mobilize young people with its religious and sectarian ideas and beliefs, through its non-stop educational courses for youth and society in general, in an attempt to erase the beliefs, culture, customs and values of Yemeni society with which it has coexisted for hundreds of years.

Al-Ashbat warned of the dire consequences of the wrong and intrusive Houthi mobilization on society, which is the main reason for the increase in domestic violence, which targets especially young people and made some live in a state of schizophrenia and enter a psychological state through which their family looks at outside the belief that was mobilized by the Houthi group.  As long as it is a violation and is not satisfied with the beliefs and ideas of the Houthis, it deserves death, and this is what is happening in many areas under the control of this group.

Al-Ashbat added that the Houthi militia has caused a bad living situation for citizens by extorting and imposing royalties and forced levies under many names, creating life problems in front of them, not paying salaries and creating black markets for many goods in the absence of job opportunities for young people, and making them have two options: either  Death by starvation or death by the Houthi fronts, he said.

Al-Tarbeebi Al-Ashbat stressed that the cycle of violence has no limits. The militias have pushed people to commit suicide or kill their families because they are unable to provide for their children and the lack of daily food, so you find in many crimes a father kills his children and his wife because he was unable to provide for them.  Another father commits suicide because he cannot provide for his family’s needs, and many of these crimes are caused by this group that has raised the slogan of death since its inception. The Houthi crimes against Yemeni society, besieging and blackmailing it, looting its salaries and imposing sectarian and racist ideas and beliefs for this group are what led to the spread of murder in society.