A campaign to deport the "Urmoa" from Yemen

English - الاثنين 16 مايو 2022 الساعة 07:33 م
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On Sunday, the security forces in the capital, Aden, began a campaign to collect African refugees known as "Urmois" from the city's streets, coasts, parks and gardens, in preparation for their deportation to their countries.

The Aden Security Department stated on its Facebook account that the campaign, which began on Sunday, came under the guidance of the Director of Aden Security, Major General Mutahhar Al-Shuaibi, and was implemented by the emergency forces and security support - Aden Security led by Brigadier General Muhammad Hussein Al-Khaili.

It pointed out that the security campaign includes the arrest of the "Urmoan" refugees scattered in the streets, outlets, and tours of Aden, and their transfer to the areas designated for their deportation.

 Formal meeting

A Yemeni-Ethiopian meeting was held in Aden, May 12, in Aden, which included representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Interior, the leadership of Aden Governorate and other parties, with the Ethiopian delegations from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Interior and the Migration Authority, during which they discussed the return of 5,000 illegal immigrants voluntarily through my two airports.  Aden and Sayun International to the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

The meeting approved the assignment of committees represented by the ministries of foreign affairs of the two countries, the Ministry of Interior and the governorate of Aden to follow up and directly supervise the overcoming of all difficulties that may encounter the process of voluntary return of migrants.

According to the official Saba Agency, the meeting discussed a regional conference to discuss the roots, causes and risks of migration and work to find appropriate solutions to curb the phenomenon of illegal migration and curb smuggling gangs that carry out human smuggling operations, and the need for the Horn of Africa, neighboring countries and donor countries to participate in the conference and international organizations.

It was also emphasized that the International Organization for Migration would prepare and arrange for the conference to be held as soon as possible, in coordination with the Yemeni and Ethiopian governments and neighboring countries affected by illegal immigration.

 cult of murder

In this context, the process of coordinating the return of African refugees from Yemen to their countries, especially the Ethiopians, comes to prevent the Houthi militias from exploiting them in combat operations against the Arab coalition and the government on the fighting fronts, where many African deaths were monitored on the Houthi fronts.

The recent operations of the government, to prevent the Houthis from killing African immigrants who embrace religions other than Islam, so that they would not be drawn closer to God, came in response to the speeches of Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, in which he urges his elements to draw closer to God by killing “infidels,” as he described it.

Informed sources in Sanaa indicated that the militias are drawing closer to the African refugees to God and their leader, as a heinous crime was committed against them in the refugee center in Sanaa in March 2021, as the center was burned, leaving 500 victims dead and wounded.

And last Thursday, the militias killed 17 Africans, most of them Ethiopian refugees, in one of the detention centers where the militias placed them in the Raqo area in the Munabbih District of Saada Governorate, where they were burned, causing a large number of deaths and injuring 60 others.

 Coalition denies

The militias wanted to attribute the crime to the Arab coalition and the Saudi forces in particular, but the coalition denied the (Houthis) accusations in a statement published by the Saudi Press Agency.

The coalition said, "Houthi's allegations of deaths in the border area of Raqo by the Saudi forces' dealings are untrue."

The coalition added that "dozens of migrants were killed in the process of forced displacement and armed clashes launched by the Houthis."  And what he described as the brutal operation of the Houthis "came after disputes and the burning of the homes of immigrants."

In the statement, the coalition said, "The killing of migrants by slavery is a repetition of the Houthi burning of hundreds of African migrants in a detention center in Sana'a."