Al-Houthi threatens to deprive students of ministerial exams because of haircuts

English - الثلاثاء 17 مايو 2022 الساعة 06:38 م
Sana'a, NewsYemen, Jalal Muhammad:

 The terrorist Houthi militia, in conjunction with the first day of the secondary school exams, created a state of tension, intimidation and intimidation for students in its areas of control, due to some of the students' haircuts such as "Al-Qashah".

The militia claimed that Ali bin Abi Talib - may God bless him and grant him peace - does not have this haircut, after it appointed supervisors of social committees in every exam center, threatening students by depriving them of taking exams.

One of the students told NewsYemen that Houthi supervisors had gathered more than 25 students and threatened to deprive them of entering the next exam unless they cut their hair.

Another student stated that there were students who were threatened because of their hair styles, and the trimming of beard for some, and with the same mechanism that deprivation will be their fate.

They said that the director of the exam center in one of the schools in the Ma’in district of Sana’a entered every exam hall and took a time out from the exam time to inform them of the decision to deprive anyone who has (Al-Qashah) haircut, or a head shaving and trimming a (bad) beard from entering the next exam.

Muhammad Abdul-Khaliq, a teacher in Sana’a. Unfortunately, the educational process has become a focus of failure and frustration, as you see there are absent students, other people are taking the test in their place, under the name (alternatives) on the pretext that these students are either wounded or that they are fighting on the front lines with the Houthis, and this is a destruction and sabotage of the educational process in general.

In this way, he added, the group wants to push thousands of students to the fronts in exchange for success and high rates, and emptying schools of their students in favor of mobilization and recruitment in the ranks of the group.

For his part, one of the parents, Tawfiq Al-Salmi, said that his son assured him that the Houthi militia forces teachers to take the exam on behalf of the sons of their supervisors.

 Many teachers assert that the Houthi group took advantage of the situation and worked to turn the fateful exams in Yemen into cheating and mobilization rooms, and the Houthi group is still insisting on dragging education in Yemen toward the abyss.