Al-Khokha .. beaches of a charming nature, a promising tourist destination, and a meeting place for those fleeing the atmosphere of Houthi intimidation

English - الثلاثاء 24 مايو 2022 الساعة 11:57 ص
Al-Khokha, NewsYemen, Special:

Popular narrations say that the name Al-Khokha was derived from the name Al-Khoha, but the name was corrected and became known as Al-Khokha, which means the opening through which the air enters the house, and it is actually the window through which Yemen overlooked the outside world during the fifth century AH as an important commercial port.

Al-Khokha is one of the beautiful coastal cities located on the Red Sea, as it is characterized by amazing beaches, while its beaches are shaded by palm trees, especially in the Abu Zahr area, as it is the closest to the sea water.

The large growth of trees is due to the abundance of fresh water that characterizes these beaches, to the extent that a spring of pure water is only a little far from the sea water on the coast of Abu Zahr, one of the important tourist sites on the shore of the district.

As the temporary capital of the liberated areas of Hodeidah Governorate, this city gained a new character, and thousands chose it as a preferred destination to live in, away from the atmosphere of Houthi repression and intimidation, which doubled the population.

The last census dates back to the year 2004 AD, estimated the population of the district at about 30 thousand people, but this number has multiplied several times, and according to local estimates and expectations, the number currently reaches 250 thousand people, the majority of whom are displaced people, families of soldiers, workers and those looking for new opportunities.

Beaches rich in fish

 Al-Khokha is characterized by an abundance of fish. Mushaj, Al-Warah, and Al-Qataba are traditional fishing centers, while Al-Qataba is considered the second most important fish landing center in the Hodeidah governorate.

In addition to the other coastal directorates, their fishing products go to the cities of the north.

Despite the important position it represents in fishing, there are no specific numbers about the daily fishing volume, due to the absence of government offices that lack the funding needed to rehabilitate them again, as well as the absence of operational budgets.

 A city full of life

Its streets are full of vitality, and it reaches its climax in the evening, when the movement of the population is more than during the day, and due to the weather of the coastal areas, the population is active at night, to avoid exposure to high heat, but this does not mean that the movement stops during the daytime, but it is less than it is at night.

The most frequent visitor sees is the frequent use of motorcycles, a taxi for the poor in the West Coast regions, as it is an important means of transportation, given its low wages, which has allowed many residents to work on it as a source of livelihood.

In many accidents, motorcycles were subject to thefts, which confused the security situation. In many accidents, they were used as a means to implement them. However, this aspect ended in a large proportion after Colonel Sadiq Attia took charge of security.

Ahmed Daoud, a press reporter working for NewsYemen in Al-Khokha district, says that the district is witnessing an unusual security situation, which is a success that counts for the director of security, as it is a pride for the people of the district in terms of reducing the number of crimes in it.

He adds, after years of chaos and repeated thefts, the security director seemed to understand the security situation, and had solutions in his possession to address it.

He believes that what the security director has achieved during certain times, gives a good impression of the ability to achieve what we want whenever we have sincere intentions.