Security complains about the aggression of the "gangs" of the axis... Chaos is sweeping the Brotherhood's state in Taiz

English - السبت 18 يونيو 2022 الساعة 07:02 م
Aden, NewsYemen, special:

In a situation that is the first of its kind, the Security Department in Taiz acknowledged that armed gangs affiliated with the axis were behind the chaos in the city and witnessed a remarkable escalation during the past days.

The position of the Security Department came in a statement issued by it about the attack on the Al-Judairi Police Department by members of the axis led by Osama Al-Qardei, the leader of the 170DG Brigade, on Thursday night.

In the statement, it said that Al-Qardei's groups, on board of three military and armored crews belonging to the National Army, stormed the Al-Judairi Police Station and seized a group belonging to the department along with the personnel who were on duty in the station and took them to an unknown destination.

The Security Department commented on the incident, saying: "Unfortunately, the survival of gangs and wanted security elements affiliated with the National Army without taking any measures encouraged them to persist in chaos, chaos and disturbing peace, so that they dared to attack security facilities and headquarters."

While the Security Department said that it "reserves its right to respond to these barbaric behavior", it vowed to say that it "will not exaggerate any aggression or violation of any of its members or police facilities from anyone."

The storming of the Al-Judairi police station was among a number of assaults in the city of Taiz during the past hours by armed groups affiliated with the Taiz axis, which is under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood.

 The incidents included the storming of: Al-Thawra Governmental Hospital and Riyadh Private Hospital, and attacks on commercial stores in: Zaid Al-Mushki Street and Al-Tahrir Al-Ala Street in the city of Taiz for refusing to pay taxes to the axis groups.

What is remarkable about the assault incidents was that some of them were out of the control of the Axis brigades leadership that these groups follow, as happened in Zaid Al-Mushki Street, last Thursday, which witnessed groups from the 170DG Brigade forcibly closing shops to force their owners to pay daily levies to them.

According to local sources and eyewitnesses, the commander of the 170th Brigade, Colonel Abdullah Al-Qaisi, came to the scene, but was unable to convince the brigade's members to stop their attacks on the shops and reopen them.

Observers believe that the scene of chaos in Taiz is a natural result of the state of tampering practiced by the Brotherhood against the army and security institutions seven years ago, to the atmosphere of its manufacture of armed militias outside the framework of the state with external support.

They recall that the so-called Osama Al-Qardei is one of the most prominent leaders of the so-called "Popular Mobilization" militia, which was established by the Brotherhood leader residing in Turkey / Hammoud Saeed Al-Mikhlafi with funding from Qatar.

Al-Qardei, who is wanted by the security forces, played a prominent role in the Brotherhood’s scheme against the forces of the 35th Armored Brigade and its martyr leader, Adnan Al-Hammadi, with the aim of controlling the “stoned” areas of the Taiz countryside.