The trial of Al Hammadi's killers has been postponed again and Fouad Al-Shadadi: Our hope is in the Public Prosecutor, Judge Qaher Mustafa

English - Sunday 19 June 2022 الساعة 06:00 pm
Aden, NewsYemen, Muhammad Jassar:

Once again, the Criminal Court postpones the trial of the murderers of the martyr Brigadier General Adnan Al Hammadi, commander of the 35th Armored Brigade, until Tuesday, June 28, after it was scheduled to be held on Sunday morning, June 19, and for the same reason, “the absence of the accused in the assassination of Brigadier General Al Hammadi  under the pretext of a lack of security protection."

Judge Yahya Al-Saeedi, head of the Criminal Court, directed the Public Prosecution to bring the accused on the date of the resumption of the trial.

The commander of the stone resistance, Fouad Al-Shaddadi, told NewsYemen: It is very good to resume the trial of the martyr Al-Hammadi after years of obstruction.

He added: After years of hijacking the judiciary, we have seen real changes in correcting the course of the judiciary, since the appointment of Judge Qaher Mustafa as Public Prosecutor, restoring the role of the judiciary in completing trials, and removing all pressures that insisted for many years not to complete the trial of the killers of the martyr Brigadier General Adnan Al Hammadi.