Iran's experience..Houthi forms special courts

English - الاثنين 20 يونيو 2022 الساعة 07:46 م
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The Houthi militia - the Iranian arm in Yemen - continues to destroy state institutions, violate the independence of the judiciary and confiscate its powers by forming parallel committees outside legal frameworks and functional systems.

Starting on Monday, June 20, 2022, the Houthi militia in Sanaa announced the start of the work of what it called committees to receive citizens' complaints for any neglect or negligence in litigation procedures in the courts of appeal and first instance."

Sources working in the judiciary considered the Houthi committees to handcuff the judiciary and rob the judiciary of all power for malicious political goals, noting that the formation of such illegal and unconstitutional committees aims to destroy the independence of the judiciary.

 It referred to legal means for such practices, such as (the right of objection, the right of grievance, the right of reply, the right of litigation, the right of appeal, the right of appeal, and the right of complaint to judicial inspection).

Instead of going to the commitment to pay salaries, benefits, settlements and differences between judges and employees, and satisfying them, and addressing cases of daily attacks on members of the judiciary, the Houthi militia in Sanaa evaded looking into the manifestations of injustice related to land and the procedures of the judicial guard regarding land.

Judicial officials described these developments as "a ridiculous escape into more ridiculous cases..."And they added: “It is constant exposure..” And they said: “When the judiciary is set back to such a terrible extent in a country, it means that the group that rules the country is ignorant or stupid and does not deserve under any circumstances to rule and look after the interests of the people.”

Judge Ahmed Al-Dhahabani, head of the organizational department of the Yemen Judges Club, called for rejecting the so-called Judicial Committee, and referring its persons to investigation for violating the independence of the judiciary and encroaching on its sanctity.  ".

Addressing the club's members, he said: "What is happening has departed from all repressive methods and veiled violations, and has become crude and useless violations that undermine your message and your justice, and you have to stand together."  He added: "Slavery is gone and will not return. Reject this farce," calling on the club's chiefs of courts and judges to set an example in correcting or submitting their resignations. "Resign and work as a lawyer who is more honorable to you than this humiliation."

In addition, judges and lawyers described the Houthi committees as disguised punishment committees, “which are penalties imposed by the administration on the employee without resorting to the disciplinary procedures stipulated by law, for the purpose of getting rid of the employee at the easiest costs.”

 They considered these penalties "a blatant departure and a clear violation of the principle of legality, in which the disciplinary authorities are bound by specific legal penalties, restrictions and certain effects, and also represents a deviation from the discretionary authority, without compromising the public interest," noting that such penalties "are used by repressive dictatorships"  as the state of Iran and the countries under its control as a policy to suppress its opponents.”