Hodeidah is calling for help..Houthi punishes Tihama with huge electricity bills imposed by military crews

English - الثلاثاء 21 يونيو 2022 الساعة 08:10 م
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The terrorist Houthi militia, Iran’s arm in Yemen, continues to punish the people of Hodeidah, after they raised their voices demanding their legitimate rights to provide electricity through electronic campaigns that reached everyone, by imposing bills in huge amounts at a time when electricity was completely non-existent, while the international community ignores these suffering.

And local sources reported that committees from Hodeidah Electricity on board Houthi crews distributed electricity bills to homes, so that families were surprised by prices that reached up to 200,000, what they described as imaginary amounts as a Houthi punishment for the campaign to demand electricity.

 They demanded that the kilo be reduced to 7 riyals, while the citizen works throughout the month to provide only the value of consumption.

Al-Hodeidah activists and journalists said, the value of a kilo of electricity was 100 riyals and the majority of citizens could not afford it, so they were excused by the lack of oil derivatives and the entry of ships, and  they raised it to 250 riyals per kilo, and electricity service became almost impossible for the citizen.

The armistice is in favor of the Houthis

 The journalist, Bassim Al-Jinani, attached a picture showing the amount of oil derivatives that entered the port of Hodeidah since the start of the truce in the month of April, and he said: From this amount only and during this period, an amount of 3 billion and 161 million riyals was collected for the account of the Hodeidah Electricity Support Fund by adding 5 riyals to each liter of derivatives  Oil arrived at the port calculated on the citizen.

He wondered: Where are these billions and what preceded them, as long as the citizen pays them out of his pocket in favor of Hodeidah electricity, why is government electricity sold at exorbitant prices and his suffering is exploited?

With the scorching summer heat in Hodeidah, residents complained about the manipulation of ice factories and the raising of their prices, which has become a concern for the citizens' pockets and they have been unable to buy them, claiming that oil derivatives have increased, even after they were available and entered the port of Hodeidah.

 Hodeidah campaign continues

 There were leaflets explaining the state of the Tuhamians during the era of the Houthi militia, including: While you are playing under the air conditioning, someone makes a bill for you that will pay you back, emphasizing through the following hashtags that the campaign to demand electricity and improve Tihama’s condition continues.