The armistice enabled the Houthis to train 37,000..Houthi and Khomeinist mobilization centers

English - الأحد 26 يونيو 2022 الساعة 05:36 م
Sana'a, NewsYemen, private:

The educational process is the most important means on which Iran’s arm relied in its structure. The students were the first nucleus of the movement’s establishment since the (believing youth) until it became an entity that threatens societal security and world peace.

This process came in stages before the six wars to the events of the Arab Spring until 2014 and the seizure of power until the group became controlling the north.

The penetration was not the result of the moment, according to Yemeni researcher Arwa Al-Khattabi, but came in stages that were documented by those interested in the history of the militia.

In a seminar held on the sidelines of the fiftieth session of human rights, Al-Khattabi believes that the Yemenis have exhausted all solutions, and that the peace process has failed in the face of a group that seeks war by all means;  Pointing out that Stockholm, the Riyadh consultations, and the armistice, reflected the true reality of this group's orientation.

The symposium revolved around "violations of children's rights in Yemen and their catastrophic effects on the present and the future. The focus of the summer centers was the most important, which is one of the most dangerous issues in Yemen and perhaps the entire region, which comes through education."

Emphasizing that the term (center) is basically a cosmetic language for the camps in order to turn groups of children into human time bombs in the future.

Al-Khattabi explained that in 2015 Al-Houthi needed fighters from 12 to 18 years old.  Because they are cheap in food, qat, supplies and transportation, and also when he is killed he does not have a family, children and a wife.

pointed out that the recruitment of more than 36,000 disasters and that the age group in some areas of Sanaa, Amran, Hajjah and Saada has ended, and there is a population imbalance due to excessive recruitment.

revealed in her paper that the truce is currently being exploited for the sake of summer centers, in which an integrated curriculum and program are developed from morning until evening.

 pointed out that the stages of training are based on several elements or steps, including:

The cry, then the pledge of allegiance and the declaration of allegiance.  then military exercises;  Fitness .  Warm-up, military marshal.  Then the lectures and jihadist and ideological mobilization against the other and society, then loyalty to the family of the house whom God chose to rule the world. 

She added.  Lectures are given on the Iranian regime, the virtue of Wilayat al-Faqih and Hezbollah.  Emphasizing that what the videos showed of children in shabby clothes and without shoes is a flagrant violation of childhood.

She stated that these centers receive huge funding at the expense of teachers, whom the Houthi movement has not paid since 2016. 

It had warned that these summer centers do not affect the child alone, but also the family and its surroundings in general, which means that Yemenis face enemies who are being rehabilitated inside.

reinforced her talk that this child comes back with a completely different idea of the family situation, and in the event of objection, he kills the closest people to him, and there are many evidence and stories that have occurred in recent years.