Abyan Security Director: The fighting in Shuqrah is a lesson that will not be repeated

English - Saturday 02 July 2022 الساعة 04:55 pm
Abyan, NewsYemen, private:

 Abyan security director Colonel Ali Nasser Baazeb, nicknamed "Abu Mishaal Al-Kazmi", pledged not to fight again against the forces of the Southern Transitional Council, and any southern forces.

Colonel Abu Mishaal Al-Kazmi confirmed in a visual statement that he will not deviate from the path of the south, no matter how some discrepancies occur, and will not enter into conflict or fighting with the southern forces in the south.

Al-Kazmi said that what happened in Abyan, in terms of conflict and fighting with the forces of the Southern Transitional Council, is a lesson that everyone has absorbed, and it will not be repeated again, calling on everyone to forget the past.

Al-Kazmi added, in the context of his statement, that he initiated a rapprochement with the Transitional Council, and issued a statement declaring the war on terrorism in Abyan governorate, and that he had no capabilities to fight terrorism in the governorate.

Al-Kazmi considered the statement in which he declared the war on terrorism a suicide for his political and military future, and a suicide for himself, adding that this statement was widely welcomed by the people of the south.

The Deputy Head of the Southern Dialogue Team of the Transitional Council, Ahmed Omar bin Farid, welcomed the statement of Abyan Security Director Colonel Abu Mishaal Al-Kazmi, stressing that this speech is in line with the orientations of the Transitional Council.

Ibn Farid said in a tweet to him on Twitter, “The talk of the dear brother Abu Mishaal Al-Kazmi is a responsible and welcome speech, in which he affirms that there is no way for the people of the south except the language of dialogue and that the language of arms will only increase us division and fragmentation.”

Ibn Farid affirmed his welcome to this speech, which he said is consistent with the orientations of the Transitional Council for dialogue with all the people of the south, without exception, on the basis that the south is for all and by all.

Southern journalist Adnan al-Ajam said that the statement of Commander Abu Mishaal al-Kazmi is a responsible speech, and a road map for every southerner, that unites them and unites their ranks and their southern word.

In this context, political activist Abd Rabbo al-Awlaki said that Abu Mishaal al-Kazmi's speech is excellent, and a message that must be taken seriously, noting that the south today needs frankness and reconciliation.

He explained that the war on Aden today is not traditional as it happened two years ago, but rather a war inside the streets of Aden, in which more than one player took advantage of the weak performance of the security services in the capital, Aden.

Al-Awlaki concluded, that the region has reconciled with each other and the transitional has reconciled with the leaders of the north, and the people of the south should open their chests, at this appropriate time.