Politicians: Al-Houthi perpetuates the environment of hunger to recruit the needy, the destitute and children

English - الأربعاء 06 يوليو 2022 الساعة 05:08 م
Aden, NewsYemen, special:

Politicians said that the Houthi policy of starvation with the residents of the areas under its control, the latest of which is imposing a price dose of new derivatives, aims to preserve the public in need and devote the difficult living reality to achieve a strategic goal of providing an enabling environment to obtain new recruits from the needy, the destitute and children.

Activists conveyed the voice of the oppressed through the communication platforms to the whole world, in rejection of the injustice and the corrupt and unjust Houthi measures in raising prices on the people of Yemen, the crushed and devastated, and as an expression of a popular position rejecting the dose decision taken by the Houthi militia.

Adviser to the Minister of Information, Fahd Al-Sharafi, said in a tweet, just as the Government of National Accord and the state forces in Sana’a allowed in 2014 to demonstrate against the dose even though it was an armed demonstration and as part of a war plan to overthrow the capital and the state, would Al-Houthi dare to issue a declared decision to allow peaceful demonstration so that people express their positions towards the dose?  

He added, had it not been for the armistice and the international pampering, the Houthis would not have dared to announce a fatal dose to the people with such bravado, and if the Houthi had felt that the battle of liberation had been thwarted, even for a while, you would have seen the wonder of him.

Journalist Saber Hallis said, "The Houthis are trying to kill the Yemeni people in their areas of control by all means and take pleasure in the people's suffering, as it prevents humanitarian aid, hoards wheat, and imposes levies in favor of its war effort, the last of which is raising the prices of oil derivatives with the advent of Eid al-Adha."

The journalist, Mustafa Ghalis, confirmed that this is not the first dose this year, as it was preceded by four doses in just a year.  The Houthi militia imposed five doses of oil derivatives in Sanaa and the rest of the areas under its control, during the period from June 2021 to July 2022.

The politician, Fahd Al-Khulaifi, published a message that he received through a private friend who described it as terrifying, in which he said: My brother, Fahd Al-Khulaifi, we beg you to inform the world of our tragedies during the era of the Houthis’ rule.