Politicians: "Al-Hurayzi" is a Qatari-backed Brotherhood tool to support Al-Houthi

English - الاثنين 01 أغسطس 2022 الساعة 12:41 م
Aden, NewsYemen, special:

Politicians said that the tribal sheikh, Ali al-Huraizi, is a Brotherhood tool backed by Qatar, and it is also irrefutable evidence that tells us the depth of the Brotherhood's relationship with al-Houthi and their alliance through goals, discourse and orientation.

While the Brotherhood supported armed militias headed by the tribal Sheikh Ali Al-Huraizi, who does not hide his relationship with the Houthi group and has become in control of the most important ports and regions in the governorate, where he personally supervises the smuggling of weapons, aid and drones for the Houthi group in Sanaa, which comes via Oman.

Yemeni customs had earlier seized 52 Kornet anti-tank and anti-armored missiles at the Shahn border port, which were on their way to Sanaa from Muscat, as it is not the first time that weapons have been seized at the Shahn port, as shipments of ammunition have already been seized.  and military supplies and equipment in the past months.

Politician Michael Cohen said that Al-Hurayzi does not serve the Houthis, but Al-Huraizi is the Houthis, and said: You are part of the #Iran_Brotherhood team, which has been calling for the Houthis for 7 years to respect human rights and dialogue, even though the team and the whole world understand that the Houthi is Iranian-Western planted.  With a mission of war, not peace?

The journalist, Yahya Al-Abed, said that Al-Huraizi did not provide Al-Mahra and the sons of Al-Mahra with anything to say and deal with terrorist organizations, and turned Al-Mahra into dens for those organizations and contributes to smuggling weapons and money to the Houthis, as he works to serve the Houthi project in Al-Mahra.

For his part, the politician Hussein Saleh Hussein said, in the context of Al-Huraizi, that it is the greatest evidence of his service to them and that it is an integral part of them and their destructive project for Yemen and the Yemenis is the Houthis’ desperate defense of it, and this proves and confirms that it is the source of smuggling arms, money and drugs to them and a main supporter for them in their war against  Yemen and Yemenis.

The writer and political researcher, Abdullah Ismail, considered that the position on the Houthis determines your position on the issue of Yemenis.  The Yemenis make peace with those who are hostile to the Houthi, and are hostile to those who make peace with him.He pointed out that there is no difference between the terrorism of the Houthi group and those who collude or line up with the Houthi group, stressing that he does not put his hand in the hands of a racist who killed people, blew up homes and mosques, and made symptoms legal, except for a terrorist racist like him.