A mysterious military formation raises division in alsabihah, and the Houthi Brotherhood's efforts to exploit the situation

English - الاثنين 01 أغسطس 2022 الساعة 04:31 م
Lahj, NewsYemen, private:

On Saturday, the Directorate of Mudaraba in Lahj Governorate witnessed armed mobilizations between supporters and opponents of the formation of the so-called "new giants brigades" in an embodiment of the state of division experienced by the Sabihah tribes over the position of this mysterious military formation.

According to local sources, the Kharaz area of the district has recently witnessed recruitment operations for members of the Sabihah tribes in the name of the "New Giants Brigades" led by the Salafi Sheikh / Bashir Al Mudarbi;  Amidst the ambiguity about the party behind it, with the absence of any official position on the Presidential and Transitional Council.

Activists from the people of the region reported that the formation of these forces comes with direct support from Saudi Arabia, similar to the attempts to form the so-called "Happy Yemen Brigades" that took place recently in Abyan and Ma'rib.

The recruitment process sparked a sharp division among the Al-Sabiha tribes and their sheikhs, as some of them announced their support for what Al Mudarbi is doing, calling for standing by his side, while a number of sheikhs and residents of the region expressed their rejection of this and described the move as suspicious and that it aims to create military formations outside the STC’s control in  A sensitive area overlooking the most important strategic site, which is Bab al-Mandab. 

In an embodiment of this division, dozens of Al-Sabiha tribesmen, led by a number of sheikhs and military and civil leaders, organized an armed protest sit-in in the Ras Al-Ara and Mudaraba center on Saturday morning to denounce what they called “the exclusion of Al-Sabiha’s sons by the Salafi leaders of the forces of the happy giants of Yemen,” according to the statement issued by the sit-in.

The statement called on the Presidential Command Council and the countries of the Arab coalition to "reconsider the matter and resolve the problem urgently and take into account the conditions of the families of the martyrs and the wounded from the sons of Al-Sabiha districts, unless the tribes and sons of Al-Sabiha will continue to escalate."

This armed vigil was countered by a similar armed stand by dozens of sons, sheikhs and leaders of the Sabihah tribes in support of the steps to form the "New Giants Brigades" led by Sheikh / Bashir Al Mudarbi.

The scene of the division between the Al-Sabiha tribes has received remarkable attention from the media affiliated with the Brotherhood and Al-Houthi groups and activists of the two groups on social media, with attempts to exploit the matter according to the agenda of the two groups.

Where the Brotherhood and Houthi media claimed that the vigil organized by the sons of Al-Sabiha against the formation of the "New Giants" forces demanded the departure of the Arab coalition from Yemen, although the statement did not include this.