A Republican decision appointing bin Madi as governor of Hadhramaut and Al-Thaqali as governor of Socotra

English - الاثنين 01 أغسطس 2022 الساعة 04:57 م
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On Sunday evening, Republican Decree No. (18) of 2022 was issued, the first article of which stipulated the appointment of Mabkhout bin Mubarak Maree Yaslam bin Madi, as governor of Hadhramaut Governorate.

Also, Republican Decree No. (19) of 2022 was issued, the first article of which stipulated the appointment of Raafat Ali Ibrahim Al-Thaqali as governor of the Socotra Archipelago.

The two decisions received broad support and blessing from the southern street, who confirmed that they are among the most important decisions that reorganize the situation of the southern governorates, especially Socotra, which the Brotherhood's authority tampered with during the period of former governor Ramzi Mahrous.

Mabkhout Mubarak bin Madi (born in 1966, Amad, Hadhramaut) is a member of the political bloc of the General People's Congress in Parliament for Constituency 155 (Haridah - Amad) and is respected and appreciated by all groups of society in Hadhramaut.

Journalist Imad al-Diny, who is close to a member of the Presidential Leadership Council, Faraj Salem al-Bahsani, the former governor of Hadhramaut, said that the appointment of Mabkhout bin Madi was nominated by al-Bahsani and approved by the Leadership Council.

 The Assistant Secretary-General of the Hadhramaut Tribes Reference, Sultan Al-Tamimi, blessed this trust, wishing Bin Madi success in his duties.

While the advisor to the President of the Hadhramaut Alliance said that Sheikh Mabkhout bin Madi is the best successor to the best predecessor, adding that all the people of Hadhramaut are supporting him.

While journalist Yasser Al-Yafei stressed the importance of this decision in order for Hadhramaut to return to leadership after many years of marginalization, pointing out that the governorate during the Al-Bahsani period witnessed a decline in everything, even the most important gain, which is the security file that was achieved for the coastal areas of Hadramout.

As for the governor of Socotra Al-Thaqali, he is the head of the local leadership of the Southern Transitional Council in the governorate and enjoys wide popular acceptance in the governorate for his efforts and his role in establishing security and stability.

His appointment to this position, by consensus of all members of the Leadership Council, is considered a new victory over the Brotherhood, represented by the Islah Party.  This was expressed by the journalist, Adel Abdullah Al-Yafei, by saying, "Congratulations to Socotra, its best man, Raafat Al-Thaqali, as an honest governor.