Torture, racism and betrayal.. Intesar Al-Hammadi's , which no longer even has the ability to scream and cry

English - Thursday 04 August 2022 الساعة 05:22 pm
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Since she was kidnapped in February 2021, from Hadda Street in Sana’a, with three of her friends, by Houthi gunmen, and subsequently deposited in the central prison, the artist “Intisar Al Hammadi” has been subjected to the worst forms of intimidation and torture, in the notorious prison, since her arbitrary arrest, without  Legal justification other than bullying, abuse and racism because her mother is Ethiopian.

Intisar, 21, was transferred to the Central Prison.  After she was detained for nearly two months and interrogated in the criminal investigation building of the terrorist Houthi militia, she was tried in an unfair mock trial, after she rejected Houthi attempts to recruit her for espionage work and exploited her to set up a number of the criminal militia's opponents and opponents of its policies.

Al-Hammadi, who participated last year in the series "Sad Al-Gharib" and "Ghorbat Al-Bin", had spoken with courage to the human rights delegation that visited her on May 24, 2021, about the oppression, abuse and injustice she was subjected to, and fabrications of charges, starting with her accusation of drug trafficking.  And the practice of prostitution, without any little evidence, and indicated that after the militia arrested her and her companions, they blindfolded them, and fingerprinted them on papers they did not know what was in them, adding: “They took us to see several houses, they told us to drink and rest with the people of those houses, so I told them this is prostitution, they replied  We have to do that for the sake of serving the country!!"

A human rights crisis and a racist view

 Academic Dr.  Qaid Ghaylan, the case of Intisar al-Hammadi, "reflects the human rights crisis in Yemen, as well as a major crisis among civil society activists, as only some individuals were interested in and defended her cause, and in a personal way, they were unable, with their limited capabilities, to explain her case to public opinion."

Ghaylan refers to the racist view that Intisar is a mestizo (her mother is Ethiopian), as women’s organizations and human rights institutions abandoned her, which, according to Ghaylan, reflects a racist crisis, discrimination against color and race, and discrimination against the birth-bred class in Yemen, which still controls women’s mentalities and directs their thinking and interests.  Otherwise, how can all these organizations and institutions remain silent about the cause of this girl who no longer even has the ability to scream, grieve and cry?

 Dirty business for blackmail

Journalist Muhammad Mansour Al-Tamimi asserts that the charges of prostitution that the militia is fabricating for the kidnapped women without evidence or legal grounds, are practiced by the militia’s zeinabiyat and under the supervision of its leaders;  To target opponents or suspects, or to attract influential figures, in order to serve its dynastic priestly project.

In the context, activist Louay Al-Azazi speaks, "Two years ago, one of the girls opened an account on Tik Tok, and began publishing videos, tweets on Twitter, and publications on Facebook for sexual topics, and promotional for drug abuse... The strange thing is that she did while she lives in the center of Sanaa, and with complete freedom,  After two whole years of publication, and the fame of its clips, she disappeared, and the (Houthis) security services claimed that they had arrested her.

Al-Azazi continues: "After a search, the facts came to light to me, and it became clear that this girl was working for the Houthi intelligence service, within a network to attract opponents and portray them with her in disturbing situations, to blackmail them and control them." He added.  "This is the dirty work that Intisar Al Hammadi rejected."

 Shame on the logic of humanity, religion and tribe

For her part, human rights activist Aisha Al-Jaidi says: "The only thing I can say to my executioner is 'Victory' when history is written. What is yours and what you have to do? It would be a shame to be told that you imprison civilian Yemeni women and torture them to death. Shame on the logic of humanity, the logic of religion, the logic of the tribe, and the logic of Yemenis if you are.  You still belong to us."

In a rebellious spirit, activist Narmin Al-Absi speaks, saying: "She lost (intesar) or almost lost her life unjustly and in aggression in the prisons of the criminal militia... The slow death of a victory in this inhuman and ugly way must be the spark of a revolution against the Nazi militia."

Since the coup of the terrorist Houthi militia in 2014, local and international reports have monitored the militia's violations against women and thousands of Yemeni women have been kidnapped, arrested and tortured by this criminal militia.