Qualifiers herald the end of the priestly militia after disagreements swept their members

English - السبت 06 أغسطس 2022 الساعة 10:58 ص
Sana'a, Newsyemen, Muhammad Yahya:

Inter-political liquidations continue between the poles of the Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi militia, which foretells the beginning of the disintegration and fragmentation of the internal structure of the coup group, as the areas under the control of the priestly militia are witnessing internal liquidations and assassinations of major Houthi leaders, between close periods.  In addition to the mysterious deaths, which aim to get rid of rivals within the militia to single out wealth and influence. 

On Wednesday, the Houthi leader, Abdullah Yahya Zaid al-Houthi, who was appointed to the position of head of the group's so-called Reconciliation and Tolerance Commission, and deputy dean of the College of Arts and Humanities at Sana'a University, died mysteriously.

Prior to that, militia members liquidated the leader, Yahya Abdul Rahman Al-Mutawakil, nicknamed "Abu Hamza Al-Mutawakil" and holds the rank of major general, and holds the position of commander of the militia's so-called Preventive Security and Intelligence branch in Al-Jawf Governorate, along with two of his companions, in the Harf Sufyan area in Imran governorate.  

The process of liquidating them was carried out in a professional manner, which suggests that the perpetrators had preceded in carrying out the assassinations, and the operation was planned in advance.

The militia had previously liquidated leaders from the House of Al-Mutawakkil, most notably Dr. Muhammad Abdul-Malik Al-Mutawakil, where a hidden conflict has been taking place between the wings of the militia since their coup against power in 2014, as liquidations and assassinations during the past years, which were attributed to unknown gunmen, in addition to the mysterious deaths, resulted in a large number of leaders of the Houthi militia, in the framework of inter-conflicts within its ranks.

The inter-qualifications reached the family of the militia leader with the death of his brother Ibrahim al-Houthi, who was liquidated in 2019 in his apartment in the Haddah area of Sana’a, with others accompanied by a leader of the group named Ahmed Hussein al-Badr. Ibrahim al-Houthi is the right arm of his brother, the leader of the militia.  He was the holder of the group's financial file, as he was at the head of the militia that stormed Sana'a on September 21, 2014. The militia claimed at the time that it had arrested the perpetrators of his assassination, whom it called "the hands of treachery and betrayal of the American-Israeli aggression and its tools!!".

The assassinations and mysterious deaths resulted in great leaders in the ranks of the militia, including Ali al-Kahlani, whose body was found in an apartment building in central Sanaa, and Taha al-Madani, whose death was announced by the Houthis a year after his assassination, Hassan Zaid, Minister of Sports in the coup government, and Abdulhakim al-Mawri, Minister of Interior of the militia.  The former Minister of Transport, Zakaria Al-Shami, his father, Yahya Al-Shami, advisor to the militia’s coup council, Aziz Al-Jaradi, Head of Houthi Preventive Security, and Sultan Zabin, Director of Criminal Investigation in Sana’a.

The Houthi leader, Ali Al-Murtada, was also found slain at his home in Sana'a. He is one of the militia leaders in the Houthi Ministry of Defense and a member of the group's recruitment committee. One of the most important people close to the leader, Abu Ali Al-Hakim, head of the militia's military intelligence, is also close to the group's leader, Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi.

The conflict between the leaders of the Houthi coup militia has increased remarkably, which has begun to take new and multiple forms.  Its causes revolve around disputes about the sharing of looted funds and influence in the militia's areas of control, and the booby-trapped gifts were used as one of the means to get rid of the Houthi leaders from some of them. The Houthi leader, Ali Al-Sharafi, was killed in his home when he opened a parcel sent to him as a gift, which is a Lieutenant bag titled:  "Lieutenant of the Jihadi Section", and it exploded when he opened it and killed him.

The pro-Iranian militia has adopted many methods in the operations of liquidating its leaders whose duties have ended, including the open assassinations in which the accusation was placed on unknown gunmen.  The phenomenon of assassinations and mysterious assassinations of senior leaders of the terrorist group has grown.