A huge military force from the Hadrami elite reaches Wadi Hadramawt

English - Saturday 06 August 2022 الساعة 05:57 pm
Tarim, NewsYemen, Special:

A huge military force from the Hadrami Elite Forces of the Second Military District in the Hadhramaut coast entered today the city of Tarim in Wadi Hadramawt, in the east of the country.

Citizens in the city of Tarim confirmed that they saw a military force consisting of dozens of military crews, war vehicles and armored vehicles passing through the city's streets.

The first deputy governor of Hadhramaut himself, head of the Hadhramaut conference, Amr bin Habrish Al-Ali, visited the city of Tarim this morning and inaugurated the conference branch there, in addition to his visit to some archaeological and historical buildings and ancient and Islamic monuments, accompanied in protection by crews and soldiers from the second military region of the coast of Hadhramaut.

This comes amid tensions between the first and second military regions to prevent the staff of the first region, Abdul Rahman Abu Auja, from passing through one of the second military points adjacent to the border of the valley, which in turn contributed to the spread of armed civilians from northern Yemen in the city of Sayun and the establishment of military forces checkpoints in various places in the city  .