The Socialist supports the decisions of the Presidential Council and demands an end to the Muslim Brotherhood's monopoly on positions

English - السبت 13 أغسطس 2022 الساعة 06:19 م
Aden, NewsYemen:

The Yemeni Socialist Party affirmed its support for the decisions of the Presidential Command Council regarding the recent events in Shabwa governorate and the remedies for them, expressing at the same time its refusal to circumvent the central and local state authorities, in reference to the armed rebellion of the forces affiliated with the Brotherhood.

A statement issued yesterday (Friday) by the General Secretariat of the Socialist Party said that the presidential leadership council's handling of the events was characterized by high objectivity, and it confirmed in the evaluation scale that it was carried out far from concessions from the sovereign functions of legitimacy.

The statement condemned the undisciplined acts, abuses and disregard for the sovereign symbols of the state, denouncing the attack on the headquarters and property of political parties and forces.

He called for the need to review previous mistakes and purify the state body from the cancerous concentrations of key and articulated positions and their accumulation in the grip of only one or two political colors from the political spectrum.

The statement considered that this constituted the blockages that the state suffered from, and the recent incidents in Shabwa are only a picture of them.

He also stressed the need to work to prevent the monopoly of senior leadership positions in the state for one or two colors of the political spectrum, which is repeated everywhere and holds the largest vertical and horizontal share in the body of the state.

The Yemeni Socialist Party said, "There are those who, through the adjustments that took place in the balance of power, are eagerly seeking to replace the method, which will ultimately lead to future explosions." according to the text of the statement.