Politicians: The performance of the Marib authority deprives it of southern popular support against the Houthis

English - السبت 13 أغسطس 2022 الساعة 07:01 م
Aden, NewsYemen:

 Southern politicians demanded the liberation of the Ma'rib governorate authority from the Brotherhood's Islah Party, which is tampering with its fate for foreign agendas against the coalition and the Presidential Council.

Politicians accused the pro-Brotherhood authority of Marib of financing acts of chaos and rebellion against the Presidential Leadership Council and of supporting terrorist groups in the liberated southern governorates.

In the recent Ataq events, the Marib Brotherhood authority sided with the rebels over the decisions of the Presidential Leadership Council, and Shabwa Governor Awad bin Al-Wazir Al-Awlaki, and supported them militarily, politically and in the media.

Southern politicians published video recordings of Brotherhood members acknowledging that the pro-Brotherhood authority of Marib was behind the rebellion and the attempted coup against the legitimate authority in Shabwa governorate.

Politicians and activists launched a hashtag on social media (#Marib_hostage_of the Brotherhood), to demand the purge of the oil-rich province from the domination of the Brotherhood's Islah party.

The southern journalist, Wadah bin Attia, stressed that the liberation of Ma'rib from the Brotherhood's authorities is an important step, and its benefits will return in two directions, namely securing the liberated areas from chaos and terrorism, which makes them a base.

He added that the second trend is to secure the fronts against the Houthis and to guarantee the cessation of smuggling and extortion practiced by the Brotherhood since the beginning of the war.

For his part, the southern journalist Fahd Al-Khulaifi said: Marib is the stronghold of the Brotherhood in the Arabian Peninsula and the stronghold of terrorist militias targeting the Arab coalition and the Yemeni people in service of Qatar.

Al-Khulaifi stressed that helping the people of Marib to get rid of the Brotherhood and set out to confront the rebellion of the Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi militia and reach the liberation of Sanaa is a strategic option.

The political activist Abdulqader Al-Qadi said: The great Marib that we know and read about in the history books is no longer that one, stressing that the Brotherhood has turned it into a command and control center for terrorism and an emirate in which all murderers and outlaws from all corners of the earth are sheltered in order to control its fate and tamper with its history.

He pointed out that Islah, which controls Marib, is the party that disrupts all efforts aimed at establishing a solid ground for launching the liberation battle against the Houthi terrorist militia.

The southern journalist, Abdullah Al-Diyani, called on all honorable people in Marib to move urgently and save their governorate from the danger of the Muslim Brotherhood, which uses it as a center and launching pad for its criminal actions towards the south.

Al-Diyani said in a tweet: The Brotherhood's Islah Party seeks to create strife and hatred between the people of Marib and the people of the south.