Revealing Omani intentions for military intervention in Al-Mahra

English - الاثنين 15 أغسطس 2022 الساعة 05:18 م
Aden, NewsYemen, special:

 Media sources revealed the arrival of military leaders loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood to the Omani capital, Muscat, in conjunction with the disclosure of a prominent official in the legitimacy of the existence of Omani intentions of military intervention in Mahra against the military presence of Saudi Arabia in the province.

Journalist Muhammad Hanshi said that Brigadier General Sanad Al-Rahwa, Brigadier General Louay Al-Zamki and a number of leaders of the so-called Abyan axis arrived in the Omani capital, Muscat in the past two days, pointing out that this may indicate the existence of an act of sabotage, he said.

While Hanshi indicated the necessity of dismissing the leaders of the Abyan axis after his participation in the Shabwa battles and his rebellion against the decisions of the Leadership Council, he stressed that the Axis forces are besieged from everywhere and are currently at their weakest state.

Warning of its response to threats made by a number of leaders residing in Muscat after the Brotherhood's rebellion was resolved in Shabwa, led by former Minister of Interior Ahmed al-Maisari and al-Qaeda leader in Abyan Adel al-Hasani.

After the Brotherhood’s rebellion was resolved in Shabwa, Al-Maisari threatened, in a video speech broadcast by the Brotherhood’s “Al-Mahariya” channel, the Arab coalition with what he called “multiple other options,” he said, claiming that these options “will not cross the mind of the coalition.”

In this context, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Abdulaziz Jabbari revealed, in an interview broadcast by the Brotherhood’s “Bilqis” channel recently, that the Omani regime had intentions to intervene militarily in Al-Mahra Governorate to counter the Saudi presence in the governorate.

Jabbari, who is considered one of the Yemeni leaders close to the Omani authorities and has resided there for periods of time, ridiculed the image depicted in the media about the existence of good relations between Saudi Arabia and Oman, stressing that the regime in Oman views the Saudi presence in the border province of Mahra as a threat to it.

Muscat is home to a number of leaders of the Houthi and Brotherhood groups and a number of leaders loyal to them, linked by hostility to the role of the coalition in Yemen.  

Muscat is accused of providing support to the Houthi group by smuggling weapons from Iran into Yemen through Al-Mahra Governorate. It is also accused of financing armed sit-ins hostile to the presence of the Arab coalition forces in the governorate under the name of the "Peaceful Sit-in Committee" led by Sheikh Ali Al-Huraizi.

In this context, the committee held an exceptional meeting yesterday in which it expressed its anger at the resolution of the Brotherhood rebellion in Shabwa governorate, threatening, on the lips of one of its leaders, not to allow what happened in Shabwa to happen in Al-Mahra governorate, stressing the committee’s persistence in its position to expel the occupation forces, in reference to Arab coalition forces