From cabarets and evening apartments in Cairo..Houthi cells hunt legitimate leaders

English - الأربعاء 17 أغسطس 2022 الساعة 09:31 ص
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The intelligence cells of the Houthi militia are not absent in any place where Yemenis, their common people, elites, and legitimate leaders who share Arab capitals, especially Cairo, have a heavy presence of army and security leaders and government officials.

The Houthi militias are present in Cairo through their trained cells, which run large networks of those charged with collecting information and carrying out dirty tasks to lure opponents and force them to work for them, or at least blackmail them into silence and not move against them.

The militias target journalists, opinion leaders, and military leaders who move without precautions and find themselves easy prey for the night girls and the prostitution networks behind the Houthi militia.

Militia elements are widely spread in the provision of apartments for those coming from Yemen, and through lease contracts they obtain information and the names of the arrivals and sort them and use them later in targeting the names and implicating them in scandals and nights out inside Cairo cabarets.

Militia cells spread in most of the cabarets and nightlife venues, especially those frequented by Yemenis, which are often close to areas known to have a heavy presence of Yemenis, and militia members document the attendance and then attract them through the night girls.

And there are cells of girls working as prostitutes whose mission is to snatch people and take them to private apartments where they are photographed or their calls are recorded with prostitutes who are mainly recruited for the militias. Most of them are Yemenis who are in Cairo for the same task and from several governorates.

Houthi cells own taxis that play a pivotal role in providing services to the targeted leaders, as Yemenis find dealing with a Yemeni car driver more smoothly than dealing with an Egyptian driver, and from this outlet the militia members find a door to access their goals.

Moreover, Yemeni restaurants and cafés where Yemenis are present are a target for Houthi militia cells, whose work is not limited to the intelligence side, but reaches to participate in public discussions with a Houthi discourse claiming concern for the country’s interest from foreign targeting of the coalition and fear of separation, a discourse through which the Houthis implement into the ranks of the public  .

The military is the easiest target for the Houthi cells in Cairo, especially the leaders of the second rank who have never traveled to foreign countries and are not aware of the nature of movement and visiting places of night, so the process of luring them is easier for the Houthi militias.

This remarkable activity of the Houthi militia cells is growing rapidly with the ability of these cells to integrate among the Yemeni community in Egypt amid the complete absence of the rest of the components, which are not even active in raising awareness of their leaders about the danger of the Houthi militia and its cells.