To cut the umbilical cord feeding terrorism.. the south controls important points in the Al-Abr line of

English - Wednesday 17 August 2022 الساعة 03:16 pm
Shabwa, NewsYemen, private:

The southern forces took control of the most important military point in the Shubaikah area, the international crossing line linking Shabwa and Hadramawt, after confrontations with the Brotherhood’s rebel militia forces that tried to position themselves at military checkpoints on the road leading to the city of Sayun, in the valley of Hadramawt Governorate.

And the official Southern Forces website reported, on Tuesday, that the southern forces represented by the Shabwa Defense Forces and the Southern Giants Brigades managed to take control of the Noukhan camp and Al-Shabika camp, the most important Brotherhood camps west of Ataq, after violent confrontations.

While many of the elements brought in by the Brotherhood militia to reinforce the coup rebellion against the local Shabwa authority and the Presidential Council were captured to promote chaos in the south.

This came within the framework of completing the security of Shabwa governorate and the areas of oil fields and companies, and confronting the cells of the rebel Brotherhood forces.

In the context, military sources called on citizens not to pass the international line linking Ataq and Al-Abr in Shabwa after five in the afternoon, as it is a military operation area.

The southern forces confirmed that they are seeking to secure this road to protect travelers.

Starting from the Shubaika camp gate on the International Crossing Line, the independent Aden Channel camera toured all the areas controlled by the southern forces, while one of the brave soldiers confirmed that the purification continues until the last place where the Brotherhood militia is present, to secure the south, calling for the northern regions to also be liberated from  The double arm of terrorism, "Al-Houthi-Brotherhood".

With the video clip circulating in the areas from which the militia was defeated, all the lies of the Houthi-backed Brotherhood media about concealing their recent horrific defeats were also refuted.

Southerners praised the movement of the southern forces to secure the areas of the south, and said that controlling the lessons and deposit is to cut the umbilical cord that feeds terrorism and to ensure that terrorist leaders do not escape or smuggle the money accumulated in their basements before isolating them from the scene once and for all.

They stressed that blocking the ports through which terrorists infiltrate is a top priority that guarantees the success of the last operation.

It is worth noting that the Brotherhood militia has committed many violations against travelers in the line of lessons after targeting mass transit buses and private cars, to be added to the series of crimes they committed since the first week against civilians in Shabwa by targeting populated areas other than the systematic bombing of hospitals.