Hypocrisy of the Brotherhood.. "Unionists" in Aden "Separatists" in Hadhramaut and Mahra

English - الاثنين 19 سبتمبر 2022 الساعة 07:13 م
Al-Mahra, NewsYemen, private:

"Are you with the Hadhramaut State Project", a questionnaire in the form of a question published by Brotherhood activist Anis Mansour on his personal page on "Twitter" embodies the extent of hypocrisy practiced by his group by bidding on national slogans, while covering the exact opposite.

 Mansour’s question, which is one of the most important media tools for the Brotherhood and is accused of managing hundreds of fake accounts on social media, came in the context of a Brotherhood campaign, on Thursday, talking about the “occupation of Hadhramout” on September 17, 1967

A Brotherhood campaign in which the group is trying to raise the files of the past and exhume what happened during the period of annexation of the sultans and sheikhs in the south in 1967 by the National Front, which took over the rule of the evacuation agreement it signed with the British colonialism, and witnessed the transgressions and mistakes of which Hadhramaut had a share.

Playing the Hadhramaut card and trying to create a "separatist" tendency among its people by singing about the ancient history and heritage of the governorate and the privacy of its society, is not a product of the moment, but has been used by the group more than once during the past years. 

What is new in the matter is that it comes this time more like a last and desperate attempt by the group to confront the escalation of the demands of the people of Hadhramaut, specifically the valley and the desert, for the withdrawal of the forces of the First Military District and the replacement of the Hadrami Elite Forces in their place, which is fully supported by the Transitional Council and the new governor of Hadramout Mabkhout bin Madi.

In its meeting on Saturday, the Presidency of the Transitional Council renewed its support for the escalating mass movement in the districts of Al-Mahra Governorate and the Hadramawt Valley regions, to demand the transfer of the northern forces present there to the fronts of confrontation with the Iranian arm in accordance with the requirements of the Riyadh Agreement.

The Brotherhood believes that achieving this means the complete end of its influence in the southern governorates, which it seeks to obstruct by all possible means and by using all available papers, including the “separation” card, to contradict all its “unionist” slogans that it raises in its war against the Southern Transitional Council.

In addition to Hadhramaut, the group also uses the “separation” card in Al-Mahra governorate from time to time to maintain its influence there by supporting the armed sit-ins led by Ali Salem Al-Huraizi against the presence of the Arab coalition and the Southern Transitional Council.

Al-Huraizi sit-ins, which are covered by the Brotherhood’s media, and seek to impart patriotism to them by the presence of the flag of unity. However, another flag emerges clearly in these sit-ins next to the flag of unity, which is the flag of the Afarari Sultanate, which was ruling Al-Mahra and Socotra.

This image embodies the Brotherhood's project based on one fact that "the end justifies the means", and that achieving its goals will be achieved through any means and under any banner or flag, whether "unitary" in Aden or "separatist" in Hadhramaut and Mahra.