Tihami voices on the anniversary of the Houthi execution: September 18, an extension of the grievances of the Imamate

English - Monday 19 September 2022 الساعة 08:03 pm
Hodeidah, NewsYemen, Ahmed Daoud:

Tihama recalled the anniversary of al-Houthi's execution of a number of its notables.

The journalist Mahmoud Al-Atami said, in a Facebook post, that the Houthi dynasty’s most hateful and bloody execution of the Tihama’s people revealed to the whole world how weaker than the straw the Houthis, with their project extending to Tehran, are as he mobilizes his forces and brings his senior impurities from the first row to implement a profane and unjust ruling, against an unarmed child exhausted by torture and years of absence in prison basements, and appeared unable to stand.

"Every year, the death militia renews the wounds of Yemenis by committing a new crime, in a reminder that brings to mind the crimes of the rule of the imams, whom the Houthi militias are a familial extension of them against the Yemeni people," the military spokesman for the Zaraniq Brigades, Abdullah Assili, wrote on Facebook.

In addition, Magdi Jund, an activist on social media, wrote that the Houthi criminal militia offered the 9 innocent people as ransom to cover their liquidation and disposal of the so-called mortal Saleh Al-Sammad.

He added, "The brutal crime aroused popular discontent and human rights condemnation locally and internationally, especially since the nine innocents were kidnapped without guilt from their homes and businesses, after the terrorist militia accused them of assassinating the criminal al-Sammad."

The people of Tihama organized a campaign on social media denouncing the Houthi massacre.

Al-Houthi had executed a political sentence of nine, including a minor, in a mock trial on charges of involvement in the assassination of Saleh Al-Samad, who died in April 2018 in an air raid carried out by the Arab coalition in Yemen.